Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

26 Sep 2011

Markets and Mountains

Held the Kingdom's keys; still relinquished a nettle.
Scribbled copiously: unknown untruths, unsettled:
When Man discovered fire, he knew not of furnaces;
In shadow and vane, blindness, beneath lids lay;
Weak Hand intentionally shown - Ghosts die hard. 

Magic in black on white papers and torn graphs.
With myth preceding: pride of place were short;
Tent pegs, tables and tarps: love-sick, will follow.
In winter north with the wind flies the savvy swallow. 
Creator, imperturbable in thermals hot and cold.

Human mind in Rescission; capturing every decision, 
Creating the vision; find inspiration in lost inspiration.
Hold tight this existential nettle - The dream is yours!
Though even in ownership, dreams can fade.
Though even in ownership, nightmares be made.
Though even in ownership, can all go awry.

I'll tell you this: Owning a truth is just owning a lie!
But owning your mind, your life and your dreams.
That's as real as the peaks, the trees and the streams.
Now go, master the mountains, my kings and queens.