Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

21 Nov 2012

Dearest Eve

Atom and eve - positive and negative.
Eve cast so dark - the thieves, the eves!
Damo: the tea lady.
Adam, the center of the nu-clear-verse.
Ideas in visionary state, opening the gate.
Not too long before they arrive, the irate!

Appendages swinging, refusing the new slate.
And so easy now it should be, for you to see.
Half a multitude just drowned in a holy sea.
Is this the choice you put before your eyes?
Women to be beaten with stony words, lies.

Now, we have the knowledge and the net;
No half-baked crock pot should ever be let!
Allowed to administer and divide your soul.
Decree, an open system that’s fair for the whole.
A whole requires no tether, to hold it together.
When will you be free from division, bigotry and lies?

The spires have fallen on their own points.
With brute force they tear down their skies.
But what of my dearest Eve? Did the veil rise?
Was that black darkness cast from your eyes?
The doctor is too sick to consider your cries.
What now, for my dearest eve...

8 Nov 2012

Dangle Dong

Something's rotten, wrong in the bottom-fat, top-long.
Creepy, eerie open-closed behind a beautiful rose.
That mean in suits and powerful groups dangle dong.
The few have absconded and strangled, they chose.
Under DuRESS they whistled a tune to a sinister song.
True, they knew the emperor lost more than clothes.
The square is stretched, pulled and shaped oblong. 
Spaghetti triangles show every angle to undisclose.
But there's too many knowing now, for far too long.
If you made your bed too short, expect cold toes!
Freaks, plebs, geeks and normal peeps will fight along.
But will the lords of the dance right their wrongs?