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8 Nov 2011

Our latest project for POINT-less Art Group's Co-labs, is a poem/ art/ music/ video. IHONO Arts group and POINT-less Arts group combined their efforts to produce the following tribute to Japan and to promote awareness in the aftermath of the devastating Tsunami that struck in March 2011.

In addition to these two Art groups; over 50 Artists, Poets, Writers and other creative people from around the World, provided images for this project. OXOXO Arts group has kindly offered to announce the project in Japan. A big thank you to all of you that helped make this project a reality. Images and contributor details are listed on POINT-less' blog:

After a lengthy discussion between Kaoru Fukushima of IHONO Arts Group and myself, we decided that we should create something to help raise awareness of the Japanese peoples plight. I then wrote a poem and recorded it. Kaoru then started creating the music to match the rhythm of the poem, which he did very successfully indeed. I then went about the task of asking my creative friends and associates to contribute an image with a few words from the poem, overlaid onto the image. I compiled it and the rest, as they say, is History.

We hope that you enjoy the video and that it raises awareness that this disaster is far from over, but there is hope! 

I would appreciate it, if you would share this video with your friends, thanks.