Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

29 Apr 2012


Tim, Tim nice but dim
Waves and smiles 
And says hello
All said and done
He's Just an average Joe.
Oh Tim, oh Tim don't take me on
You'd be lying broken
If you came from where I come from.
Oh Tim did I detect a hint of
Elitist blurb that made you feel good?
Your probably just misunderstood
Mommy held you too tight
Cotton in your ears
Three big jeers!
For Joe and his fears.

Revenge Is A Dish That Repeats.

All he wanted was freedom,
But when he held it;
All he wanted was justice,
But when he held it;
All he wanted was revenge,
But when he held it;
He knew! Twas true!
He'd sacrificed the previous two.

28 Apr 2012

Toil And Trouble

Have you worn the quick to score the stick;
Broke head and tail, back all torn, for the grail;
Weathered, beaten; burning Ouroboros' wick?

Toil marked in sweat, no longer able to Tally.
Decan after Decan, imprisoned stars stick, tick;
The rowers and Thelemites locked in the galley.

Certain gallows circle as the dog-shark fades.
In nighttime fever raids every peak and valley.
Sun will rise, the frenzy shan't relent for shade.

Caballus, my trusted steed broken in a cavalcade.
When nears end she bought;  A cock was sort;
And to the cock: Another terrible lesson taught!

Love nor money could nor would hold her reigns!
She trotted and she galloped to make her trade.
Light and dark are in equidistant binding chains.

Have you worn your back and shoulders thin?
Worked like a dying dog earning your parade?
Point your chin high; who cares if you don't fit in?

What's more my Caba-friend: Living to work; Dying- 
To live, Living to die, Waiting to live, Working to live, 
Waiting to die, or living and loving to live, regardless?

Pilintel Garbando Prelimpa

Bramshackle cheng ran
be-ectran targo makuwa
freppeltak mulipang chan
crickling clong miak ooa
pripple dripple cranahan
pokimtracting sucuer ana
hagreten envalaped san

12 Apr 2012

From Them, To Them.

Now I'm gone don't miss me
I heard an angel cry out
I'm still here listening
No need to raise and shout
Why can't you hear me?
This angel in despair

Basking in your shadow
Following you everywhere
I'm sitting right beside you
I wish that you could see
I think you'd have to agree
With this angel crying out

I'm waiting for you patiently
As now your time is not
I want you to enjoy life
Because it's over in a jot.
Be reassured it's all absurd
So have fun with the plot.

I swear I heard an angel cry
I swear I saw their tears
I swore I'd pass this message
To alleviate your fears:
Every single one of them
Is nearer than you think.

So hold your glasses high
To them let's have a drink!