Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

26 Dec 2011

The Blue Bird's Maiden Flight

The following Poem and Animation is part of my Experimental Video Art Series. The Bird was created using a digital eraser and a digital smudge feature. The whole thing has been created using rudimentary Software, freely available on the net.

The Title is: Bluebird singing in the East.

23 Dec 2011

Nonlinear Scream

The following Experimental Photography, is from a series of digital images that I'm currently  working on, exploring repetition and colour. Like many of my other artworks, this set is rich in metaphor and symbolism. I will be writing a full description when I have completed the whole series, so for now, you'll have to use your artistic knowledge to conduct your own examination (The clue is in the title...or is it?) Thanks for viewing and would be interested to hear your thoughts regarding the piece. 

The finished images will be separate Museum quality fine art GiclĂ©e prints on black coloured block board.

(Click on image to enlarge)