Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

5 Jun 2013

Hidden Depths

Hidden depths trying to surface.
Intention resides, always a purpose.
Feelings outed are too often surplus;
So we take the stance, guarded safe.
Hidden colours for a defensive sake.

Bright deep hue, colours seep through.
A thin wash of white keeps it all inside.
Matters, but no matter how hard you try.
True colours through a thin white guise;
Because true colours will always rise.

Defensive stance, but truth never lies.
True colours mark the cries of the wise;
Bleeding through veneered white eyes.
Passion, fear, love and hate confined;
As we contemplate defensive stances.

We're able now, to give others chances;
Beyond that, which we ought or might;
If we choose not to see past an initial sight
Hidden depths, brought into the light.
Defensive stance, examined, released;
Sitting now, in attitudes of peace.

2 May 2013

Mise en abyme

Purposefully playing with Plato's peculiar solid shapes.
Meditating about the mysteriously, miraculous form.
Space-time continuum: a veil wrapped in many capes.
Landscapes of Superpositional particle waves, are the norm;
Right up until, of course, the viewer viewed and forcefully forced;
The transitory wave to collapse, at the point between synapse.

Infinity unwrapped; potentials tangled, finitely trapped.
Multiple dimensions collide, implode inside of finite minds.
Rational brains chasing signs; trying to adapt, cells sapped!
Elusive point between two petals opposed on parallel bars.
Tracing thin lines around poppies and portals blind, never defined.
The ever shrinking dot goes way beyond A microscopic topic.


A quantum level quandary; halls full of crazy mirrors: black.
Wooded place on two spiral paths, within a maze of maths;
And I too, travelled roads less taken and wondered if I'd get back;
But for now, at least, I'll cease to cease and walk on multiple paths.
One day, I might be sitting and sighing in a morning Frost;
With friends from the past, to see a clear pass, between shadows cast.

Creating inter-dimensional maps for irrational traps.
Prince of amateurs, resides within, from time to time, through my rhyme.
New discoveries, in every line and sign posts on desert tracks.
I stumbled on a place sublime; within my mind, outside of time;
Where the trees bristled and whispered great truths, in a foreign tongue.
Phenomena increased before thrice:  A non-material trice.

Falling head over heels, for a Matryoshka model's figure;
Probing her core, to view beautifully hidden depths, once more.
Fractal Queen knocked on my door, set the tone, created the allure;
And what is more, my friends, I cracked the code and deciphered the law;
So now I chase her all day long and sometimes, between heartbeats;
She sings her song in silent verse and I, can hear, every sweet word.

25 Apr 2013

Coding Loading Exploding The Darling Buds Of May.

Don't let go before you eye the O/ To and fro,fiddle and bow/ On a wintry crow/ Coding binary in your birth given finery/ Finally, snow, blow!

The flower and the shower in an arid alley, lay/ One stray seed and no blood in the fray/ One in the den soon spoils play/ petals fall away.

Soon the bugle calls and fall prey/ Tis a lumpy earth pulling down the hay/ Two grains of sand later/ night is falling, betrayed by day.

.1, .2, .3, .4 and still want more/ Five-O, the top is coming down/ A new addition born in tradition of belated contrition./ Foolish tool!

Coxwain! Cut, the decision with precision/ A lamb's skin vision/ not a trailblazing incision/ Consider the route then make your revision.

Collision, clang, big old bang/ Hand in hand... in hand, so bland/ Scuppered plans, filling the lands/ Lance in a trance, so guard it well.

Follow these words & all will be swell/ Hear the rampant ring of the bulbous bell/ Whatever the deal, cover it well/ Release the beast contained in a cell.

11 Apr 2013

North Korea - "A Sea of Fire"

A sea of fire or a big fat liar?
Fit for office or bloated fryer?
Rhetoric burning, getting dire?
Fist raised higher and higher.
Big/ Small crown, town crier.

Be careful what you wish.
Served cold is our last dish.
Last chance, give us a kiss.
Call off your plot clot or rot.
Put that rattle down it's hot.

One last shot, believe it or not.
We want you to buy our shit.
In Pyongyang this poem's a hit!
C'mon Kim! I got denim and tea.
You're not so tough, set yourself free.

10 Apr 2013


If people say stupid things it's usually because they need educating... If people say stupid things they may be looking from a different perspective... If people say stupid things they might just be misunderstood... If people say stupid things they might be seeking attention from those that know better... If people say stupid things they might be in the process of learning and transformation...If people say stupid things and keep saying them over and over without ever trying to learn from mistakes then they're stupid-stupid.