Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

5 Jun 2013

Hidden Depths

Hidden depths trying to surface.
Intention resides, always a purpose.
Feelings outed are too often surplus;
So we take the stance, guarded safe.
Hidden colours for a defensive sake.

Bright deep hue, colours seep through.
A thin wash of white keeps it all inside.
Matters, but no matter how hard you try.
True colours through a thin white guise;
Because true colours will always rise.

Defensive stance, but truth never lies.
True colours mark the cries of the wise;
Bleeding through veneered white eyes.
Passion, fear, love and hate confined;
As we contemplate defensive stances.

We're able now, to give others chances;
Beyond that, which we ought or might;
If we choose not to see past an initial sight
Hidden depths, brought into the light.
Defensive stance, examined, released;
Sitting now, in attitudes of peace.