Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.


The search, beyond consciousness and the mind. The journey of a soul through and out from the fog of rationality . The veil lifted. The two alternatives highlighted and the core of all knowledge held aloft. A choice to be made and a light to chase.

I use concepts and language that are familiar to people, but don't make the mistake of taking my words literally, look for the messages within the messages if there are any, and perhaps there just isn't. These words were written in auto-mode, straight from the muse, so make of them what you will (mistakes and all).

These ramblings serve no other purpose than, as tools to help me create my art work. They are just thoughts that I have when creating Art or am looking for inspiration to create art through learning. They are tools I use to attract the muse. I usually write them directly in my email, then save them in my drafts, I have so many of them now, that it is easier to use a blog to record them. They are not special knowledge, truth or fact and I don't claim that they are. They are just a stream of data that my mind created whilst in the learning zone. Mere stepping stones in the creative process.

Out of these ramblings, some rare delicacies do turn up sometimes. This Blog is a Scrap Yard/warehouse, for me to store my ideas and works in progress. I will be cherry picking the better work, editing and also recording them. The edited poems will be on put on a snazzy personalised Blog, with readings available for download. Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Please join me on twitter for a conversation @iliteratepoet

Disclaimer - I know that I know nothing!