Iliterate Poet

A dumping ground for my works in progress.

27 Jun 2012

Abstract Painting 80 x 60

Abstract in Acrylic


I love the way the metallic's catch the light. I won't mention my camera this week, lest there be A catchphrase created in my honour. Are you still dancing... good.

26 Jun 2012

Sculpture Investment Proposal

Most people lack belief in themselves to the point of self-destruction, I on the other hand, have the polar opposite problem. A pittance, is the bowl outstretched, to continue breezing on the mantle; and so easy it would disapear without these crumbs selflessly brushed from caked plate. How can one even hope to stop the hate - to help the divide and the toppers, toppler's principle. A pittance in pennies, though a Faustian stake; and so here it is, that beastly rub, that I shall still partake - for this truth remains to an end: An unfading urge to me belongs, the will too is strong and I WILL have these crumbs, which I need to create. I will flog what's mine, make profit for the line, all of the time increasing in size, I've eyed a sculpture that reaches the skies. These breadcrumbs are foundations so I can start the rise, because the circle of creation is near to a square and the bumble bees don't give a damn. 

18 Jun 2012

A bridge too far.

How many more, should cross an owls bridge?
A toll torn body blue, withered... and free.
Enduring, bitter and cold as freedom could be.
And what about those others, crying alone?
When the battle is over, the wailing ceased.
New wounds appear deeper with every crease.
Crossed were the arms and further from peace.

4 Jun 2012

Sign Of Our Times

This is from my found art series. I still have a rubbish camera! The effect is one similar to that found on the face on mars (apparently some ignorant twazzocks actually believe i'm a high level mason with links to the marzipan people), my point being that my camera doesn't pick up the effect as well as the human eye does. You'd think with all these high-up contacts I could get a show and then you could see a whole body of my work viewed as it should be, in a white room with appropriate lighting and ambiance. For now though I am just creating regardless of judges, kings and especially noble men.