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27 Feb 2011

Fiery Maiden

The fiery maiden could not pretend;
To trust the handsome man in the end.
She told him: "Let us not pretend;
That you have love to send, it's all about your end."
The man replied, "This love is not a guise;
I wear no mask, now look into my eyes.
Furnace heat from a look that could cook.
Her stern cold eyes did melt in surprise;
Molten smiles did now appear;
Stretched right from ear to ear!
Fiery maiden with lips ablaze;
Quenched in a watery future gaze, made her see!
The handsome man, was seeing two or three.
He of course denied, this womaniser sighed:
"I'm telling the truth, your so damn hot."
But fiery maiden had heard enough;
She owned self respect and told him: "Tough;
Punk you're out of luck, I want more than just a casual ****!"

25 Feb 2011

Song Lyrics

The following are Lyrics to a song that hasn't been composed yet. Because some of my followers expressed a wish to hear these lyrics in a completed song form - I thought I would post them here for people to view. If anyone: composers, musicians or the like, wish to take-up the challenge, that would be magnificent. Leave a comment, let me know what you think, thanks :)

Something gotta change today
deep Inside the system is dead
People are crying
for loved ones that are dying
Nothing gonna change without pain
Nothing sacred, my slave child set free

Hypocrisy rife, struggle and strife, only one life
And now is the time, to spread our wings
to end all the things that stop us being kings
Rule domain, living without Pain
Just simple and peaceful, we are the people

Something gotta change today
deep Inside the system is dead
People are crying
for loved ones that are dying
Nothing gonna change without pain
Nothing sacred, my slave child set free

And the world is burning and smoke smells of freedom
And the corpses of bravery will not go by in vain
For we the common people will eternally reign
And when finally, they get the message that we all abstain
Then they might run for fear of life
and we would have no more sacrifice.

Something gotta change today
deep Inside the system is dead
People are crying
for loved ones that are dying
Nothing gonna change without pain
Nothing sacred, my slave child set free

And the strife and the struggle will be all but gone
And the shadowy pirates will get there dues
For the common people will take no more
and the common people of the World will unite
and in that unity, your fate is sealed.
We the common people will never yield.

Something gotta change today
deep Inside the system is dead
People are crying
for loved ones that are dying
Nothing gonna change without pain
Nothing sacred, my slave child set free

24 Feb 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a reason
Be sure of this fact and in this very act
Your mind is free to soar in the sky
beyond the stars to a land of treasures
Where merry spirits find peaceful play
Where weary weathers never stay
And destinations have no ends
The journey is the life my friends
Everything happens for a reason
So have no regret etched in your heart
Because the past, was but, just the start.
Find this land of golden clouds
Full of silver linings. Gently now we tread.
Tapestry of life, enjoying every thread.
Living out your life, to the fullest bloom
Come soon, to a land of no regrets
Where everything happens for a reason.

Sycophantic Spies

Surrounded by sycophantic spies
Some would call them guides
Others: Safeguards of the system
Influence-rs of an artistic mind
Are they ill meaning or are they kind?
Do I swallow their lines, do I repeat
Do I sing along to their beat?
I'll use my brain in the fast lane
If their lines fail and are lame
I'll choose to refrain, to remain sane.
Do they harbour resent? not to my face!
Do they think, that I don't recognise
Truths wrapped up in sycophantic lies
Do they only care about the race?
Hasten the pace! My mind is MY place.
I'll choose my own truth and my own line.
Told you before I am not the fine, the swine
Not A Guan, to be played at will,
Conduct orchestras with my quill
Fighting for the people, to relieve their cries
Not sycophantic peoples lies.

20 Feb 2011

Great Firewall Burning

Chinese Government: Statu quo;
Involved in repression,
Of freedom's thought;
Through distorted court, they ply their trade.
As they invade, mind, body and soul;
Scared to lose control,
A few ruling the whole.
Shackle that brain they do exclaim!
Ball and chain clinking,
Great firewall burning!
It's freedom they’re earning.
Standing up against the STATE of things,
These are intelligent human beings.
A few can't control the many;
Brave warrior souls with pen in hand,
Their writings are never bland,
So keep on writing to free your land.
Freedom fighting is always right.
Please keep this in sight;
Bringing light to your country's plight.


We stand for everything
We stand for nothing
Infinitely better than just sitting,
Waiting for your lot.
We seek a cause
We effect a change
Infinitely better than blindly accepting
We do as we feel
We use intuitions wheel.
Infinitely better than living someone Else's spin.

19 Feb 2011


If only you would allow me
the freedom from dissent
but your intention was eyed
and we know what you meant.
Decent, dissent, against the bent
Crooked twisted and contorted
You thought you had it sorted
This message sent from
the heart of dissent.
We won't allow your putrid stench
nor your stain upon our brow
This is a fair and just row
So take your sticks and carrots too.
For the majority will rule the few.

Sculptor's Magic

Squash, Squish, Chop, slice, dig
Add, remove, repeat over and over
Squash, Squish, chop, slice, dig
Hollow, break to avoid a break
Detail, detail, fine detail, finer detail
Squash, squish, chop, slice, dig
Wet, dry, wet, dry, cover with plastic
Slog, grog, slog, grog, clay, powder, mud
Squash, squish, chop, slice , dig.
The magic of a master sculptor, laid bare.

15 Feb 2011


You can steal my poems, but not my creativity
You'll try to say they're yours, though it isn't so
But I'll write fifty more, right in front of your eyes
I'll write about the lack of creativity and your lies
With pen and ink, i'll mark your card, fraudster bard
And by the time, i am done writing, having fun
You'll turn on your cowardly heels and run, run, run.
So steal what you like, you'll never be me, slimy, slippery;
weaselly thief, my words will knock out, your shiny teeth. 
This is my conclusion and your brief: broken shattered thief!

14 Feb 2011

A Letter To A Patron

Won't you Pay me in: Krugerrands, diamonds or kindness?
So that I may come and go by shadowy moonlight.
Take flight when I please, freely travel where I like
By night I shall leave and in the morning fog, return.
As I travel; lighting darkened, extravagant golden walkways
Meeting, Influencing; strangers that wield a powerful axe.
With coffers filled and mission set,cultivating humanness
So don't give me cheques or useless bits of paper.
For services rendered, another heart surrendered.
No pass controls to slow me down, no red tape and no blue too.
Won't you pay me in Krugerrands, diamonds or kindness.
Without them, stranded on a dried out lake, high rolling seas are calling.
Sailing the winds without a boat, swimming in water, but its just a moat.
If only someone would vote and agree to give me a float.
A Boat! A boat! My loyalty for a boat.

13 Feb 2011

List Of Well-Known Artists, That I Admire

Pablo Picasso
Van gogh
Jackson Pollock
Wassily Kandinsky
Arshile Gorky
Franz Kline
Mark Rothko
James McNeill Whistler
f John Constable
J M W Turner
Camille Corot
Edvard Munch
James Ensor
Hilma af Klint
Piet Mondrian
Georges Seurat
Henri Matisse
Georges Braque
André Derain
Raoul Dufy
Maurice de Vlaminck
Fernand Léger
Juan Gris
Albert Gleizes
Marcel Duchamp
Kurt Schwitters
Man Ray
Robert and Sonia Delaunay
František Kupka
Kasimir Malevich
Liubov Popova
Piet Mondrian
Vladimir Tatlin
Kazimir Malevich
Anton Pevsner
Naum Gabo
Paul Klee
Johannes Itten
Josef Albers
Anni Albers
Theo van Doesburg
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Sophie Tauber
Jean Arp
Katarzyna Kobro
Michel Seuphor
Joan Miró
Barbara Hepworth
Ben Nicholson
Jacques Lipchitz
Max Ernst
André Breton
Georgia O'Keeffe
John D. Graham
Hans Hofmann
Willem de Kooning
Barnett Newman
John McLaughlin
Agnes Martin
Robert Motherwell
Patrick Heron
Kenneth Noland
Sam Francis
Cy Twombly
Richard Diebenkorn
Helen Frankenthaler
Joan Mitchell
Eugene delacroix

Waiting at the side of the road

I am watching and I'm on the side of the road
I'm waiting and deciding which way to go
I'm looking for the right vehicle to stop and hitch a ride
North or south, east or west, travel all directions I find it's best
On my journey and on the quest I seek not one direction, as I choose the rest.
and if I come across you on my way, guaranteed I'll treat you with dignity
because I'm watching and I'm waiting on the side of the road
No cross ways in my path, no folk in road, no divergence from the path.
I'll just be over here watching and waiting, whilst travelling

My Girl

The girl that never asked for a thing
The girl that gave her all
She didn't want attention to fulfill her
She didn't care or sweat the nothing things
And when she was up against it all
Facing death head on, with a great big smile
This girl was classy, so much style
She deserved the World and a whole lot more.
She was beautiful: skin and right through to the core

10 Feb 2011

Lost Moments

This Poem was the result of a collaboration with Well known Stage and Jazz photographer, Juan Carlos Hernandez. Juan asked me to look through his photographic archive and write a poem if I was inspired too. The image I choose was one that he had taken back in 2009. I could have chosen many of his Photographs, for inspiration; they are all very inspiring and amazing images. Here is the link to the Photograph:

Encased, within enveloping Time-Spatial Curves
Cosmic ray showers, fade as Muons decay
Swallowed whole, in that great ocean of sands
Likened to the silence, in-between Musical notes
Memory evokes such, wonderfully fond tales;
Cheap impersonations, that hardly fill the void;
Of stolen moments in, transitory Manifestation.
Hustle and bustle, tempered by the mild gentle wind.
Ebbing and flowing, toing and froing.
Untouched by even, the most severest, of frost.
A young boy never standing still, a childhood lost.
A moppet's memory, of scented meadows, freshly cut.
The way the scent fades, as the years pass.
Those treasured moments never seem to last.
Chasing them is a pointless and thankless task;
And as the Grand 'Ammon's horn', starts to stir and trip
On Neptune's vehicle in the high seas of the Hippocampus
Click, click, Clack, there's only one logical fact.
Steal your future back, Conjure up: 'Omnipresent Style',
Live, every waking instant, as if it were your last.
Fill all of those, pilfered Flashes, with moments; worth stealing.
Too busy fashioning, to look back, creating stolen moments;
That's the task, and that will always last, this kind of trice is always nice.
So the choice is yours: Celebrate or Regret: "Stolen Moments."
Though - as you swoosh on through; Fleeting, flashes;
Cherish and adore, as the phenomenology does unfold,
For, surely this: the very definition, of purest Gold.

7 Feb 2011

The sculptor's regret

She was almost nearly there
Her pursed lips and rye smile
Her grace and slender style
She was almost nearly there
Her prominent cheeks
Her sensual frown.
She was almost nearly there
Her soft gentle eyes,
Her lids hiding lies
And she was, oh-so nearly there.
It was her chin that failed to win me over
And as I tried to slice her guise
Her form was forever lost.
She was almost nearly here.

Splashed Around

I smashed down and splashed around
on a stretched, tensioned board
I abhorred what appeared, amazed by the colour
Intrigued by the form and the journey of up and downs
Then all of a sudden the image clears,
the muddy fuzzy canvas, held full of light
And a slight satisfaction fills your brim
If only one could let it dry
frozen in that time.
But the picture goes on
back down to murky depths.

On Marks, Get Ready, Set.

If you keep on yearning, wishing you were deserving
Then you'll keep on learning, just pain and regret.
On marks, get ready, set, it hasn't happened yet
Racing, chasing more of the same, how insane.
It won't be better in the end, let's not pretend.
Dreams with dirty and broken seams, achieved!
So now what? You start again further up the track
On marks, get ready, set, it still hasn't happened yet.
More dreams to attain to satisfy this unsatisfied brain.
Futile dreams that offer no respite, provide no insight.
Keep on journeying, pointlessly, instead of sitting still.

6 Feb 2011

Oh Dear

Give 'm what they want.
Don't give em nothing!
Show em the way.
Don't be so arrogant!
Sell yourself.
Sellout yourself!
Give 'm what they want.
Give 'm nothing!
Oh dear!???

Keep the Mystic

Keep the Mystic
But I just want to speak!
Keep the mystic
Familiarity breeds contempt
But I just want to speak.
Look you'll blow if they know you
We're all never as perfect as the image we portray
We betray it everyday day, so don't speak, stay away
Mystic or speak? speak or mystic?
I just want to speak.

Words Grrrr

I hate words and
Words hate me.
We tolerate each other;
Mutually beneficial but
don't make the mistake
of thinking we're friends
I hate words and
words hate me.
We live in a democracy;
Me and my words
Me on the side of facts.
Them on the side of rhyme.
I hate words and
Words hate me.

Keep Stum, Act Dumb

I might write about non-controversial things
Let things pass-by, keep stum, act dumb
I will never be wrong, I'll never risk a thing
Won't think about the World or the people
I could go shopping or for a walk in the wood.
I would never again, be misunderstood.
I might write about the safety net
Won't mention current or real issues
Will never again require tissues
I might never even write again
After all, this type of writing is lame,
No viewers, not in the game.
A none Player in a none game, I must be insane.
I obviously haven't got a brain, wrapped up in chains
Hand me the key and I'll lock it for you.
I might never write again.

Tick-Tock Tyrant Fall

It's not so important; what time a Tyrant falls
The process and the system, that helps build secure walls
The fight is won, his time is done, but perhaps he won't run.
Maybe it'll take awhile, transition in Mubarak style.
But People, don't feel defeated, the tyrant's toppled, of that be sure.
There's an altogether bigger issue, keeping processes in mind and in situ
We want to secure solidarity, right through, from west to east
Democracy the tool, to deliver a relative peace for all.
Tolerance and understanding, the name of the game.
This: empathetic people, is how we can remain
Celebrate our differences, keep deep within our hearts,
the unwavering Truth, of unity and dignity, of rights and freedom for all.
So, hold up your scales high, to balance; extremity with equality.
Replace fear with courage, to understand, we're all human, in every land
We're not all that different, you know? Even though, our egos might deny it's so.
An enormous task: to break from the past - the time to build, a future to last.

3 Feb 2011

One Step Closer

Not much to show for a life
The left over Worldly goods
All Gold gilded and crystalline
Shiny and fun, rare and treasured.

But how exactly is value measured?

Not much to show for a life
The left over Worldly goods
Just a pair of old working boots
Dirty and trodden, common and undesired.

But how exactly is value measured?

Not much to show for a life
No way of knowing good deeds passed.
Undesired treasure, it won't last.
Because in the end,  it's all the same.

I'll tell you how value is measured!

Good deeds and thoughts live on.
Deed recognition, is not your task,
peoples hearts and minds make deeds last.
So they may say about you, on your final day
"It's not much to show for a life"
But you won't care, because you lived, whilst you were here
and your good deeds spread from gen to gen.
And the World takes one step closer.

Falling Flowers and New Born Seeds

The flowers fall at midnight
and new seeds are set to sow
Gentle breezes morphing into gusts
Change is set to blow, clearing, remaining dust.
Culling and pruning on a windy wasteland
Waiting with palm turned to air, catching
Flowers and rose stems, thorns trying to hold on.
Cutting, spiking, spearing thorns, spitting blood.
When morning arises out of the ashes
blood tides stemmed and peace returns.

2 Feb 2011

Mubarak's Boys

Mubarak's boys move into the street
Thugs roaming free like hurricane fools
Last resorts of a desperate 'has-been'.
Mubarak your days are numbered
A generation behind and a worn out mind
Wall-less Cities, populated by empathetic people
Differences accepted with gentle mood
Live and let live, live and let love, love and live.
Mubarak, they're not your people, they are simply: 'people'.
Time is ticking daily, Mubarak don't delay.
Do the World a favour, in Egypt do not stay!
Mubarak's boys are on the streets
They're beating peaceful People down;
and an army made of stone, look on with stony faces.
Tying their laces, combing their hair, don't they care?!
Complacent, complicit fools, regime tools!
Mubarak, there's still exile, grab it whilst you can.
Quick Mubarak run, the people have spoken
Two million feet trampling, on toward freedom
And a World full of keyboards, typing support.
We're living in a new World, where Tyrants don't run free.
We're living in a free World, where people want to be.
We're living and we're breathing change, on winds: wild and free.