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14 Sep 2010

About the campaign

The National Campaign for the Arts decided to run this campaign after being approached by members who were concerned that the public had no way to make their views on support for the arts heard.

Using volunteer time and skills from our campaign partners (and not public subsidy) we have sought advice about the best way to reach as many people as possible who care about the arts throughout the UK. We know that there are a lot of you out there: it’s estimated that three-quarters of adults and even more children take part in the arts every year. Collectively you will be a powerful new voice for audiences and participants.

We want to be able to help you to provide support for the arts in your area. That support could be about volunteering or lobbying or even setting up your own programmes of arts activities. We’d also like to listen to you and your views to help us prioritise our future work.

We’ve set no time limit on the campaign. We hope it will develop and evolve over time. We will keep updating the website with new resources and keep in contact by email with, particularly when we have news of something in your area.

If you care about the arts, please do take the 30 seconds it takes to sign up. You’ll be in good company.
About the National Campaign for the Arts

The National Campaign for the Arts (NCA) is the UK's only independent lobbying organisation representing all the arts. It provides a voice for the arts world in all its diversity. It seeks to safeguard, promote and develop the arts and win public and political recognition for the importance of the arts as a key element in our national culture. The organisation has three objectives:

1. Provide a united voice for the arts, especially for arts organisations across the UK and for all artists, staff and volunteers who work in the arts.
2. Campaign for better access to the arts, so that everyone in the UK has opportunities to experience the arts and to take part.
3. Campaign for adequate and sustainable levels of resources and support for the arts.

The NCA is a very small organisation with three full-time staff, but has a large and broad support across the arts sector.

To ensure its independence, the NCA does not receive any public subsidy. It is dependent on membership subscriptions and the generous support of individual and corporate patrons to carry out its vital lobbying and advocacy work.

Find out much more about what we do on NCA's website.

Jed and I

Jed and I were walking in the night.
Sith drove by, brandishing his sabre light.
I turned to Jed and said: "sith gave me a fright!"
Jed replied: "I thought he'd died?"
Sith drove back, in his black Cadillac;
Got right out and started to laugh.
I turned to Jed and quietly said:
"what's with him, why all the din?"
Jed replied with watery eyes; declared:
"Sith is going to kill us!"
"Jed!" said I, "there's no need to cry;
Sith's time is Nye!"
Jed replied with bloodshot eyes:
"What are you going to do?"
Jed-I, said I: "The night's gone by;
Sith has left, the darkness gone;
Endless battle, the light side won."

Quagmire quarry

Listen close, to find the key
in the story, of quagmire quarry.
deep down in the ruddy earth
find the gold buried mirth
treading trek, taking good care
a quagmire quarry everywhere
attempt to walk up quandary hill
two ways to say! but underlying ground-
it can be found, eternally bound
climb up to a higher terrain
find the temple in your brain
down in quagmire quarry lane.
Deep within that sanctity,
three worlds meet as one!
all seeing high - on quagmire quarry hill.
Enjoying, life's lighted sun.
Quagmire county, completed, done.
Found the keys of a champion.
Hear the keys of a quandary none.


Enchantress of the mess
Eris the Goddess in gown an flowing dress
Yes - bless, this entrance to the fortress
Temptress, she must confess
Truth is full of truth-less
minds are full and fruitless
Then Eris raises her smile
cast her eyes upon you for a while
and all that stifled view before
Eris became the only cure
and mid that chaotic storm
the future formed in view adored
by past and present folk
Enchantress Eris cracking eggs
offering the golden yoke
beware those of feint heart
you may choke and fall apart
A warrior oak one must be
to taste this egg of the free
Golden and delicious it tastes to thee
hanging high upon a Tree.

That place

For I was once a lowly, empty vessel
fallen - my grace
When all of a sudden
I happened on this place
journeyed through time and space
left those worlds behind
eyes unstuck as I do look
my mind no longer blind
Filled now to the brim
knowledge of sagacity
burns deep within
Wisdom of the ages
power of the sages
seen from whence it all began
right from the very start
Ancient mechanical art
primary part, primed by the heart.
Saint modan sway'd as he played,
the system's machine.
Harp of opposites to encompass all
From animal rite, to the present day
on into the future and then back to relay
gifts more right on linear times
and lessons about the world
for those that are yet to be
image of the lighted sun
vision of the glee to come
vision of enlightened souls
Vision of the free.

Harp of the mountain top

Harp of the mountain top
Harp from beyond the dell
Two harps to choose
and cast that spell
From treacherous ground
to a mound so round.
Harmony to the din
and realisation it's within.
Follow now your chartered brook
make thine eyes become unstuck
from harboured walls - set free
ventured far into sea
choose tranquil waves - onward pale.
Avoid the torrent of the Gail
sail toward that luminescent
far off distance shore
united by that one particular law
nature at the core
so choose that door
upon which your future rests
and listen to the harps at their best
be the guest and the host
lift thy tankered for the toast
now drink the wine of your good liking.
Feel the lightening striking
hitting the spring of wisdom's well.
Scented with a vibrant smell.
Harp from beyond the dell
with cords from hell
we bid you farewell.
Mount top Harp of harmony
spanning notes of the journey
bound by every sound that is worthy
and onward bound the quest will be
from Gene to Gene and tree to tree
until that treasure is begot
and man remembers what it forgot.
Sages down the line
seers throughout time
Subtly sublime in their masterful rhyme
Directed through mine,
for future signs in peoples minds.

Buried treasure

Guardian of the great toil
where buried treasure lay in soil
excavated by unfading lights gone by
Showed the path with lantern high
Showed the ground a one with sky.
Taishatrin folk did tell the tale,
intent was on the vision bent,
future lent before its sent.
Tale of the merriment, of the angels harps
cheering on all good hearts.
Now remember, when you cast your spell
for the future to tell,
avoid using harps from beyond the dell.
That's Dante's hell avoided well.
Use this omen to quench your fire.
Ferment intent, so strong and pure.
desireth of a final cure.
No number two to divide and conquer.
One whole is greater than its parts
It's where it ends and where it starts
Creation and its Buona partes.
guiding lost hearts on its way
Souls so lite and free from pain.
The mount top harp plays again.

Folk in road

Sudden and surely as surely as suddenly it appears
Wholeness, completeness, as witness
mine eyes do blink and my mind does think
as rational thought betrays this vision
truth lay bare and so clear, freedom from the prison.

sudden and surely as surely as suddenly it appears
future, past and present moulded into one
Philosophers’ rock, a predictions stone
Fork in road, which way to go?
Follow the light in your heart, enjoy the journey from the start.

sudden and surely as surely as suddenly it appears
You can view that which fills your soul
ignore the path that you can't control
rearrange your brain to a higher frequency
on your way, tread gentle and full of glee.

Who invented time

Who invented time?
bring them to my chamber!
now rapscallion how do you plead?

Well. . . . I - just bored sitting
started to observe cycles of the sun
the way the eerie shadows run
when at once I happened on a pattern
upon the big round flat'en.

Rapscallion is this how you plead?
boredom caused this evil deed?
boredom laid the gauntlet,
however, twas you that bonded,
when agreed to boredom's want,
now. . . how do you plead?

I showed a friend who told his brother
then another, they voiced it’ll bring them power
use it to control the people
control the sun or so it seems
but as knowledge grew o’er my discovery
so did knowledge of skulduggery.

Rapscallion did you pass the book?
now look! We are here to hear you right
you observed light and called it day
why did you have to get carried away?

It wasn't me that created day
just observed it happened that way.
knowledge spread, cat out of bag
life became a real drag
since that time when time came to be
it wasn’t my fault you cant blame me

then who shall we blame?
with an excuse so lame.
we haven't got time for this little game!

Sir, if you have no time for this little game
go further into your mystified brain
now, if you have "No Time"
no charge, you can lay?
release me from I chains
as I have done for you.

you have answered honest true
for this we thank you.
Upon my words spoken
your chains will be broken
tis merely a gesture, of gratification.
for viewing that fallacy called polarization
You've opened a door, to another dimension
by un-inventing that invention.
Once observed with good intention.
Set two sides spiralling, on one course,
totally inspiring universal laws!

In betweens

In this world of in-betweens
the palace ere-in that creates my genes
causes my dreams as I lay awaken.
through spiral twirls of ages past or yet to come
eternal drum, infinite beat
in this world of voids and in-betweens
the place ere-in where logic does not dwell
where order is considered hell
consumed in the abyss of a souls mind
entered in or is that out
from where before the start begins
right to left, left to right, there is no wrong
time isn't short or long
high and low become one flow
singularity extinguishes polarity
in this strange land of pre-conscious mind.


Pre-Pre-conscious creation
TIS facets of sparkling electrodes
glimmering through the chaos
shimmering toward the order
luminescent form with no matter
TIS delights of the highest order
intuitions beyond the boarder
but from this disorder
these infinite possibilities
Like characters in a play,
improvised acting in multiple dimensions.
Memories stored on vibrational strings,
all knowledge past and present.
Self luminescent spark, out of DNA.
Electrical storms, beautiful lightening strikes,
travelling from priori
hitting posteriori with a thud.
oh glinting, fleeting, showering
that middle positioned switch.
Marvelled at the door,
saw it in the raw. Blinded before, stopped at the core
entrance to the storm.
Even though unable,
to travel through.
Still can see the start of form,
that genius bit as it does hit,
the intuition born.
quenches rational thought.
inner shining light of souls.
Pure thoughts freshly found,
not clouded by veneer, nor misinterpreted by fear.
purest existential wave.
Knowledge built upon knowledge - not!
Knowledge buried under knowledge closer,
still not true! déjà vu what do I view?
no obverse, no front and back
providing the knowledge I do lack.
From the black into the mind
a mirage makes things clear.
Refracted image, summoned from far
brought extremely near
easily examined from outside of the in.
Never truly realised
imprisoned by the view.
Every time I visit here
the answers do appear
TIS resplendent, triumphant,
succinct design.


Every man woman and child
an equal to the other
as I sit in my chair
and pull the PC near
it suddenly becomes clear
World Wide Web
Virtual world! for us to explore
cities with shops, news and opinion
social places - catch up with friends
keyboard the car, the boat and the plane
now were living in the fast lane
city life, then the country for a break
lunch by a Google lake!
Need an answer? Ask the oracle
don’t wander down the wrong path
danger still lurks all around
keep your feet on the ground
walk around, create some real estate
In the domain in which you reign
sell a product, learn something new.
This world is ours -virtual powers
count your blessings it’s yours to use
you really can’t loose
driving on the super sonic digital highway
I did it my way
I’ve arrived and I’m here to stay
binary security blanket, won’t let it go
society together can grow.
The grand plan, dismissing lies
unfolding before our very eyes
humans with humans in common
no race or breed, no religious creed
no pseudo science fluff
independent, un-dependent blogosphere
joined as one union of minds
open and judged by the whole
society of no hiding
so do unto the other, as you would have done to you.
Potentially great if we become one race
running with each other
holding hands, all over our lands
interconnected, everyone respected
levelled the playing field
a tool for humanities shield
real-time, free for all.
Surfing the city like a spy in recognisance
With a mission of significance
absorbing it like Jonny five
like a sponge that came alive
in this world I can strive
hope for hope and do my bit
together creating a quad bit
of human whit, as we design
a future that’s fit for all of those who live in it.

Eris hat

Atom and eve; positive and negative.
Eve cast so dark.
The thieves, the eves, damo: the tea lady
adam the centre of the nu-clear-verse
ideas plucked in visionary state
quantum theory opening the gate
not only measurement, observed, change
but rearranged, tis so strange
what we think becomes created
so easy now for you to see
and now we have the knowledge
and the net
no probability should be let
open system that’s fair for the whole
people control, not controlled
future planning is for us all
working together,
creating, observing, directing,
a planet that is free
from bigotry, division and lies
law of fives is where its at
wearing my Eris hat
I see through the trap
field curse, perverse universe
cogito ergo sum
cogito ergo video
cogito ergo, cogito video, ergo cogito sum
discordian discord is not my lord
fnord fraud
chaos is but here and there,
everywhere not just the start
blank chaos is what I see
this choa can be potentially
what we would like, epistemically
ordered for the sake of right
multiple options manifest
is our choice to choose what’s best
to suggest not in jest
to manifest in jest
destiny driven out of the ether
Eris working, provides what you need
if only grey face shadows, would disappear
we could be transcendental masters
and see things clear.
Playing, cajoling because none is true
until we search and create our state
learn the game then mix it up.
Let nature decide, she'll fill your cup
you can’t conceive, you must believe
there are no realities.
Patterns everywhere.
Patterns in infinite possibilities
that have been searched for
a number of years!
do not impress, Eris the goddess
she wants no less
than complete and utter mess
problem, reaction, solution
and then came the revolution
spun on its axis
empire crumbling for another to rise
is this the choice you put before your eyes?
If you will choose lies
profess order to be truth, alone
We know it can be useful
but trick it will remain
science of the system
science of the game
order is a goal and that’s all it is
it does not require an edifice
Intent - intuition lent
Chaotic storm, manufacturing form.
Creating from the norm.

Distorted wave

Distorted wave particle
light and sound bent around
twisted interpretation tool of manipulation
spectrum infra red, infected?
infra blue protected?
royal blue of the highest hue
Europa too right on queue
united nations, blurred the lines
played the colours of association
the highest language of our creation
indicator, hidden in plain view
conveying a message that seems to be true
beware of colours and associations
they stifle real-World observations
confabulation of every nation
confusion as they are played by the fusion
living life through illusion, conclusion?
Use your soul to control the whole
never be divided. You know what’s right
when it’s in plain sight
intuition is the key.


Evolution or Genesis
is this the point, that I did miss
There both easy, to dismiss
It’s in the question
That it does fail
The premise becomes very frail
Is it this? or is it that?
Limiting the options
It’s neither if you must know
You can’t comprehend
What it is, in the end
Too random to be created
Too ordered to be evolved
Grand design suggests a plan
Metamorphosed by man
To give it a label
and try to understand, to give a hand
To a mind blinded by logic
Grouping mentality, herding wilder beast
Sanctity in big tribes
Eventually, the queen bee, will decree
I own you’re free!
Six days you say and out of clay
You really are so lay
Get a grip, close your lip
You really sound, like a dipstick
I don’t mean, to be pessimistic
But do you expect, that I should not object
That I don’t use my intellect,
to select and reject, agree every object
was made in that time
You’re having a hoot, were not moving back
We got rid of your controlling system map.
The trouble with groups of any kind
Is that we always revert back to the hive
Power in people goes to their head
They soon see red, as they control the whole
We’re all entrapped, and that’s the goal
On the savannah some would say
Humanity killed and carried away.
Survival of the fittest
Good when your on-top
When you’re on the bottom
You’ll beg for it to stop.
The questioned skewed with your logical views
Inherited from the past
Try something new, take a new view
Think for yourself. I wish you good health,
Whatever your decision
I’m just living my own perfect vision.

Take what you want

If you take something negative
From what I give to thee
You haven’t read it carefully
Now go back and view
And see a new
The message I bestow
Switch your mind to my illusion
My brief and conclusion
It’s all about fusion
Taking my vision adding to your precision
Of the ultimate position
of empathy for all.
See my mind and all around
I’ll see yours and respect it so
Keep growing wisdom, from every angle
Researching, to the nth degree
Liberty for all good souls, to express their views
This is my mirage, for you to take
Use it if you like, or lose perspectives sight
It can’t be bad; it’s just your mind
Making your vision, an imitating kind
suppressing your potential, making you blind.
Now hear my rhyme, as I talk sublime
It’s not a crime, to walk in the shoes
Of those people, with different views.

Fifty percent

I've taken time, listened to your Debate
you really are masters of the irate
both sides appear wrong, hoodwinked, tricked, obsessed.
Ridicule each other, for your fundamentalist ideas.
Reductionist, religionist, scientist even a witch, Twist!
Brain seeks order from the wickedness of chaos.
seemingly random events of unfathomable, Galactical, magnitude
Paradoxical the truth, when all said, done
Null the truth, depends where you stand.
logic a tool to contain orderly fashion.
Explain me this, make order from abyss
The more you profess, the more mess.
Knowledge upon Knowledge from the very start
The system you both, try to describe
Can perpetually, eternally add to the lie.
The biggest con of logics proud heritage
Religious or heretic, scientist or layman, trick!
Depends which click you chose to join
Circular reasoning at logics most basic state.
on and off, one and two, creation.
So if it does, then who are you
to tell anyone they don’t have a clue!
None can be proven, observed or equated,
Listen to none of the above, saturated.
Dawkin and Shmuley, have the answers, not!
They can only detail part of the plot.
Two sides to logic, make it work
so what’s it worth, in the end?
Let’s not pretend to know the whole
it’s Fifty percent if any at all.
division sustaining the rise and the fall.
Logic must appeal to empirical zeal, real!
It really won’t cut the mustard, disgusted!
How can you even start to know?
That which is chaos, measured with logic
A fallacy I see! Inductive fallacy, deductive
two sides you see, to twirl reason.
nomenclature classification, hyperextension of divination, sublime obligation. So stop telling us what is right
Really don’t understand what's in plain sight!
You’d keep schtum if you really knew
you’d agree to disagree, accept opposites literally.


Silicon valley in the sky
Glass raining down
Raging Tower inferno
Erupting Mantel
Plates are shifting
Echoes in the Hallow
Vibrations from within
Reeking havoc in its wake
Tower starting to shake
We needn't worry about this one.
It's big brother could be woken.
And mark my words that are spoken
If that one blows We're all in strife
Could turn out A very short life.
“Nature never did betray, the heart that loved her”
Earth is extremely angry
With what we have done
Hope we don’t hear
its full Fiery cries
A scream that could burn
Magnificent Magna Pouring through the Chamber
Bursting into daylight
Lava you become
Spewing your ash throughout your land
Showing your distain
Worlds had enough of playing our game.
We wish you piece Eyjafjallajokull
Rest gentle now Katla
Sleep for thousand years.
Byron implied when mount Tambora cried
Darkness falling from the light
It was the ash and not the night
The Biblical story did then fail
False prediction but fair in its tale
More a lesson to protect the pale
Light of life, life of nature, nature creator
Devine insight, trying to explain with words so blunt
Hidden message that’s good for the world
Gifts for your soul
Read between the lines
Extract what you need
Marvellous, moral discourse,
Its mine and yours! A common cause
The binding clause, a pale white horse.

Poor Yorick

Topic - Shakespeare's Hamlet/ December/ Saints/ Unity. Season's wishes to one and all :)

Alas’ poor Yorick, my dear fellow
You go on like a bellowed fire, Stronger with time.
Skull so round
When you lived, you jested around
Andre T. lost his head over you
Kurius some say
That fellow is you!
Martyred for your cause - I know that is true
Going under Patrick
Hiding, writing history
Brought back to London
Tower door shut upon you
You would never cow-tail
from where you stood
Even against the crown
You refused to sit down
Hung, drawn and quartered
Was your destiny
One of the forty Englanders
One of the free
Canonized for eternity saint of December
Remembered, not forgotten
For the work you have done.
Thank you for reminding us
To be as one.

Mix it up

I like to mix it up see
Just a little bit of anarchy
Not too much, but its part the recipe
Let me explain, I’ll dialectically dissect my intellect
I like comedy when I’m sad
I get down to upbeat music when I am down
I like sad poetry when I’m happy
I like dancing when I feel crappy
You see, I’m living my life, not someone else’s.
I’m not under any hypno - spell - sis.
I use my brain on a spiritual plane
I’m searching and mixing it up
I’m experiencing every reality
From one to another and back to the start
This is the Living Art!

Artists room

The artist room
Combining, Poetry, comedy, music, performing - arts.
Style – Topic Life, Freedom, Love, hate, irony
Subversive anti status quo for the sake of status quo
Pro - light, pro - individual and collective thought.
Pro - acceptance, pro - understanding, Pro - truth
The real sort, not the fake ass kind
Welcome to the artists room
Where everyone with words to say and actions to play
And rhythms to arrange into an array
Everyone says it’s where it’s at
These subsets of sub cultures of cultures
With individual, intellectual, the full spectral
The epiphany of many and all
View and play in this great hall.
The artists’ room feeds your mind with a silver spoon
If your offended easily then F*** off and don’t come.
You have been warned
You have the right to stay at home and do us all a favour.
We’re looking to show you the truth
We didn’t say it would be plain sailing
There’s storms followed by rainbows
Snow followed by sun
There are ups and downs
There are tears of recognition
There’s Laughter and tears of joy
It’s a roller coaster of universal magnitude
It’s polite and rude
Paradoxical and dead straight!
It’s happy and its irate
It’s the celebration of ones own individuality
Coming together with collective humanity
Its overcoming prejudice
Walls between groups
For those who are living and not Zombie dead.
Welcome to the artists room.


I’m still learning and will never stop
Not to day, what I once was
Not tomorrow what I’ll be today
changing, refining, sometimes going back.
Trying to move forward
but sometimes attached to the past.
Passionately observing data streams
of other peoples dreams
Working out my place in space
Searching for my temporal treasures
Pursuing that of Earthly leisure’s
Labouring for Worldly cures
Finding light in the dark
Enjoying simple pleasures.

Friends and family

Friends and family sitting down
Head of the household cutting the crown
Animated laughter all around
Ivory chattering to the beat
The children’s swaying feet
Adults minding what they say
Out come the platters and the boat
Senses evoked by the fragrant silky steam clouds
Cutlery and condiments now join the symphony
Of happy souls and places, time and faces, chinking to the beat
Fine conversing and chardonnay
Help this quartet play away
Now served, the room falls silent as delight ensues
With personal inside views
Senses dominating rule over language
Food is king for that moment before being devoured.
Slowly now as bellies fill
The rhythm of the beat, cranks skyward notch by notch.
Then winding down the clock
And now its time to leave
You wish you could take that beat and produce it on a white sleeve.
And when you’re gone
You try to play it back for as long as you can
until the memories fade.
Then you do it all over again
maybe in twelve months or even one.
You know it won’t be long
Before your home once more having fun.
Dancing to the beat
Rhythm everywhere as I take my seat.
Sitting at this table I feel complete.

Uncomfortable silence

Uncomfortable silence
Waiting in the wings
Uncontrollably loud
when it rears its head in a crowd.
Elusive, always threatening to appear
We seek it here and we seek it there
But still we can’t grasp it.
No net to catch, No magnet to attract
So we meander on
With hope that it won’t settle down
from its freedoms flight
And make dull our inner shining light
Don’t make the mistake of being, fake,
would be a start
Use humour and speak from the heart
Do this and I assure you the silence becomes bliss
Even if they do boo and hiss
Remember this
You are your soul’s only accomplice.

Man may come and go

Man may come and man may go
But the sun will remain
The skies maybe red and purple hue
In a time when the debt is due
And if in that moment we just go
And cease to come,
the planets spin will still be spun
and the tidal waves will march on.
Even when the people, have long gone
The strings still twang
But your parallel dimensions of proton light
Will have all of given up the fight.
Time to fix what we have done
It’s our only chance that man may come
And start to put things right.

Light Hackers

Where are the internet artists?
Where are the ones who started it?
Where are the warrior angel hackers?
Did they sell out?
Did they forget what it was all about?
Or are they hiding and continuing the work?
Did they hide a Trojan horse within a Trojan horse within the city of web? Did they hack it at the source?
Well of course! What did you expect?
These are people of intellect.
They’re the sane in the game.
Those who created the cyber are made of moral fibre.
The money they earn is enough to sustain them
Don’t let the power go to their head
The angel hackers,
Training more young light crackers
To fight the good fight.
Freedom fighting is always right.
These are the things that make you bright.
Now shine in all your roles
Be weary of controls
Make sure they’re good for human souls.
Domain dot world
Domain dot light
Domain dot doing, what is right.


Conspiracy theorists everywhere
Some them paranoid
Some of them scared
A few with an agenda
Leading to the crescendo
Spewing their thoughts all over
Entertainment for the masses
Looking through smeared glasses
Taking you back to an animal state
Trying to break what we built, that was great
Take back your mind before it’s too late
Align yourself with all that is good
Conspiracy theorists that’s you understood
You could die a thousand times per night
If you watch and take on board this hype.
Paralysed by fear, caused by what you hear.
Surely now this will make things clear.
Live in the now
Not yesterday or tomorrow
I guarantee you will avoid all the sorrow.


Loyalty is such a strange word
With a stranger meaning that’s easily swerved
It’s arranged by columns
Pillars built upon pillars
There’s a standard at work didn’t you know?
For some, this standard starts and finishes with one
For others it’s a country or a company
A club or Society
A group of friends or just your family
Hardly a mention of collective humanity
Oh the calamity of loyalties Tragedy
Especially when the pressure is steeped upon
The pillars crack and loyalty is gone
When loyalty ceases to exist
Then who is left for us to rely on
Who will pick up the pieces?
Who will save this species?
Who I ask is loyal to me?
Loyalty is as important as can be
When it’s applied to all of humanity
This is the thing that will bring you sanity
This sanity is not mere vanity
This thing will set you free.

Black clouds

Dark black clouds on a summer’s day
No apparent reason, why you would feel this way
Other dimensions of vacuum filled emptiness
as they seem to plague.
Unable to shift to a higher dimension
Have the knowledge but suppress the apprehension
Pushed it all to the back of the mind
Made the reality, really blind
Seeking to find the happy and kind - Failing miserably
Sensitive like silk to the touch
All this bull dust seems too much
Apprehensions bring with it a hurricane
Facing this storm can make you feel insane
So up comes the block in your brain
offering shelter from the rain.
Just dark black clouds now on a sunny day
Sometimes the dark cast is so black and vast
You wish it would be your very last
And so you start searching for hurricanes
Trying to find the door
You wish you could enter
this storms epicentre
Rather than face
another summers day and its agenda.

Extreme pressure

Extreme pressure ready to implode
Every muscle in tensed mode
Heavy weight pulling down
Pushing up and outwardly bound
It won’t release without releasing the beast.
Does one want to go there?
As but not one problem be solved
And ten more be created
So on it courses through your brain
A storm cloud full of rain, marks you out
You know of the law of attraction
But still you can’t right your reaction
Tired, red, sleepy eyes that cant bare the lies
Blood vessel pop!
A self critic you become
by all accounts, not a very fair one.
Stopped in your tracks
Fallen on your own sword,
without giving yourself a chance.
Formless and free means you can be what you like
You fit into any criteria type.
Perfectionist with a carefree twist
But still you wear that pressure suit
Asphyxiated by its grip
Implode, explode and reload
Then do it all over again.

Noxious clouds

Hells paradise, noxious clouds forming colours bright
If only man could survive this sight.
Beautiful colours of noxious gas
Eventually clearing as the years pass
to late though for all of us.
Who where the ones, who told us not to fuss?
Bring them here, show them what did happen to them.
Let them weep into the bloodied waters of hells paradise.
A place where beauty still exists
But man cannot live nor witness.
Oh the tragedy of hells Paradise.

Fruitless favour

The god of wealth
Inflationary stealth
Never mind humanities health
Alter, Holt-a
Ego nourishment
Give to receive they do believe
Twisted logic, altered state
Charity is the lesson so great
Circular system with good intent
Like robin and his merriment
No dissent, nor upset
These are the things we choose to forget.
Fruitless favour is seen as a failure
Moral cause is mine and yours
Play the game, do it right.
Then humanity will remain in sight.


Right and wrong exist equally
in logics land.
The heart not head should control the hand
Intuition is the guiding light
Intuition, decides what’s right.
Conscious thought is what should be taught
Mathematics sought
Sold and bought
It really is a biased court.
Can’t even explain what naught is!
Naught is consciences thought, not yours to select.
I reject logics lands completely
It fits together all too neatly.

Times hidden agenda

Times hidden agenda
Time stands still
It uses logic to make ends meet
Forced to travel, so travel it will
Travel both ways faster than light
Appears to be moving but is stuck tight.
In this state happy it will be
So if I reverse it
See the future now.
Make the clock turn backwards
Or start the calendar
Time wont care,
because time stands still,
with every revolution.


Time creates beauty
Time kills beauty.
Its a beautiful cycle of events
The Bloom may die, but flowers live on.
Man may destroy, nature will repair.
With the passage of time
The system adapts.
The answers come fourth.
The compass stays fixed on north.
And if that polar shifts
Time runs backwards
And still time kills beauty
And still, time creates beauty.


I play with the light
I play with the dark.
I sing bird songs to the lark
I am jagged and round.
thorny and smooth.
sweet like a sugar cube.
I am here and there.
I am everywhere and nowhere.
I am on and off.
Ion, Ioff, Ionasphere, I am on a sphere!
I am free.
I am illogical.
I am I and I is me.


Genius cannot be controlled
It just ebbs and flows like twisting cyclones,
coursing through brains, supersonic highways.
Unreachable by will alone,
evoked only when inspired.
Often by, most insignificant of things,
other times by such lofty ideas.
Spirit plane, mirrored horizon
Key to past souls,
a library full of lifetimes.
Can’t explain what, how, or who
Can’t comprehend, still it guides in its grace
the Genius that resides inside that place.
Temple’s gate helps contemplate.
empty vessel, without this illusive light.
unknown identity, thing of existence.
Man and his mind, minus time.

13 Sep 2010

About the campaign

The National Campaign for the Arts decided to run this campaign after being approached by members who were concerned that the public had no way to make their views on support for the arts heard.

Using volunteer time and skills from our campaign partners (and not public subsidy) we have sought advice about the best way to reach as many people as possible who care about the arts throughout the UK. We know that there are a lot of you out there: it’s estimated that three-quarters of adults and even more children take part in the arts every year. Collectively you will be a powerful new voice for audiences and participants.

We want to be able to help you to provide support for the arts in your area. That support could be about volunteering or lobbying or even setting up your own programmes of arts activities. We’d also like to listen to you and your views to help us prioritise our future work.

We’ve set no time limit on the campaign. We hope it will develop and evolve over time. We will keep updating the website with new resources and keep in contact by email with, particularly when we have news of something in your area.

If you care about the arts, please do take the 30 seconds it takes to sign up. You’ll be in good company.
About the National Campaign for the Arts

The National Campaign for the Arts (NCA) is the UK's only independent lobbying organisation representing all the arts. It provides a voice for the arts world in all its diversity. It seeks to safeguard, promote and develop the arts and win public and political recognition for the importance of the arts as a key element in our national culture. The organisation has three objectives:

1. Provide a united voice for the arts, especially for arts organisations across the UK and for all artists, staff and volunteers who work in the arts.
2. Campaign for better access to the arts, so that everyone in the UK has opportunities to experience the arts and to take part.
3. Campaign for adequate and sustainable levels of resources and support for the arts.

The NCA is a very small organisation with three full-time staff, but has a large and broad support across the arts sector.

To ensure its independence, the NCA does not receive any public subsidy. It is dependent on membership subscriptions and the generous support of individual and corporate patrons to carry out its vital lobbying and advocacy work.

Find out much more about what we do on NCA's website.

12 Sep 2010

Summer bloom

Fairy land

Take me to a fairy land,
Where no debt of man is due.
Take me to a far away land,
Where the hills are Cerulean blue;
And the sky has crystal chandeliers;
With a sea of Golden feathers.
Take me to this fair land,
Where no ill or pain can be found.
Take me to a place
Where these notions are profound.
Whisk me off, as soon as you can;
Let me craft a map and publish it for all.
Give them a chance;
Let them preview what I saw.
Please take me to a fairy land;
Wishing away my life like quicksand,
Loosely griped in hand.
Take me to a fairer land;
Where I make no apology.
Let me set myself free;
As I sit in the shade of a deep violet palm tree.
This world is mine and always will be.
No red exists here;
Just tranquil sounds and flowing forms;
No raging storms;
Just gentle spawns growing yellow lawns.
No lamp black clouds to feed our crops;
Pristine white and showering light, in fairyland.
Purple hearts of loving folk.
Peaceful Minds throughout.
Oh, how I’d grip that hand.
I’d build a box to catch that sand.
Please take me to a fairer land.
Please take me to where I belong.
Please take me to land of joy and song;
Where everything is right;
And the word wrong, doesn’t exist.
Where every childs belly is blessed with food.
A place where there’s never a sombre mood.
No ways to pay, just in peace and in play.
And when I get here, then here I’ll stay;
living my life in fairyland.


In point of view
Hemlock spur does allure
When death be the only cure
In fractural Worlds I prefer to stay
Least until the actual day

Death to my visionary World
On my soul – will not decay
In waves of timeless, formless, flows
Ever floating in vacuous abundance.

Gadfly lives on there
The Oracle too, does stay
Where illness never does betray
Where freedom is a real-world-play

Offerings that do live on
Did Apollo’s son,
Receive his feathered one?

Panacea for everyone.
It may well be true,
but my final view -
I know that I know nothing!

Fallacy of fallacies

Petitio principii.
Beg the question!
All things come to an end?
Circulus vitiosus - in your logic of division,
derision, and ultimately, supposition.
The whole was created: Circulus vitiosus.
So, then do pray - tell me one day
how ends could betray, when joined as one?
I'll not be found begging!
You, who says, all things come to an end,
are welcome to my crumbs my friend.
I'll not pretend to accept the premise,
but don't dismiss, that my remiss,
is altogether pointless.
Epistemological and dialectical force
is the cause, the fallacy laws, not the cures.
Begging based on beggars knowledge.
the blind leading the blind.
Throughout the ages, from time to time
the true knowledge is divine, sublime
as I hinted in this rhyme.
Premise based on, focused attention
of many a soul, from past to present.
Randomness bent, to the will of mans mind.
Now, I’ll leave that fallacy of fallacies behind.

Light and dark

Light can be dark?
If light can be dark,
Then can dark be light?
So what you think to be right,
may contain some dark.
Will what you think is wrong,
Contain some light?


Have you ever tried to hide your thoughts?
so that your thoughts won’t have to see.
And your other mind nagging to be set free
When you know you should let your other mind listen?
take a lesson from that initial thought
It’s almost always right!
Have you ever tried to hide your thoughts?
from another of close bond?
But your other thoughts, want to respond!
Why not let them?
Have you ever been in a room of people,
all hiding thoughts from each other?
And individual’s thoughts
are hiding from themselves?
Turn about, before being devoured,
by that disease,
of a mind that just agrees
with everything that it see’s!
Or find a mind of similar design,
refined, sublime and painfully honest.


Skin stretched to limiting degrees
Tear, rip and split
Opened like a zip
Mask by mask
Bit by bit
Ego letting go of its grip
Mind starting to stir and trip
Painfully processing,
Pupa emerging, from silken cocoon
Worthy though - the trauma
As beauty born its crown
Flapped its wings on all good things
Spread its joy throughout the land
Ego left behind
Banished from the mind’s
Virtue in its place
Sublime, bewitching, fascinatingly exquisite,
Metaphorical meme
that beautiful butterfly in the wind.

Secret is the clue

Ordered by pensive say
From the past unto the present day
Divided lay in dismay
Calamity prey
The gold of alchemy
Is knowledge fore told
The eye of creation,
where it is to be found
Not in heaven not in the ground
Twisted around
Until it is something new
The secret is the clue
This includes mu, me, and you too
Make your gold with supreme splendour
Render the matter, surrealist patter
Anarchist no matter
Be both lender and spender
Appreciate that your part of it all
Participate, follow your call
Contribute your share
of gold forging ingots.

Lardy dar

I’m a normal bloke,
Not a yah lardy - dar
I um, and argh.
I see people, for who they are,
Whether they’re in a Bentley car,
or banged up nail that won’t go far.
I see twiddle dumb and twiddle Dee,
I treat them both equally.
Bill and Ben and their sister too,
Judge not you, and judge not me,
We all belong to the same tree.
Treat me fairly, as I treat thee,
Then we can co-exist, happily.


Skill of creation has to be earned,
Can’t be bought and must be learnt,
Rhymes they do come easy to me,
Without practice, I just have the Chi.
The Zen, but then, trying creation of another sort,
makes me rigid and full of thought.
Painting a picture, singing a song,
learning the bits, as I go along.
Making the order, hard as can be,
Why does this not come naturally?
Words my gift to all, passing moments,
then they fall, words mean nothing to me.
Lost in that moment, a value of none
Did I learn the bits, to get this poem done.
Conclusion – it’s all about the journey
and the journey being fun. Spreading glee for eternity
Let the glee run free, let it run;
negative for negativity charge.
Positive for a positive spark,
Out of the dark, and into the abyss
Hopefully creating, bliss for bliss.

Never a reject

Create for the good and make it great
Design based on perfect shape.
Be all things to all great people,
This is how to climb your steeple.
Finish a project, make a splendid object.
Useful to all, never a reject,
Follow the rules to help you select.
Create for light, spread your rays,
Making the impossible, possibly so,
helping everyone’s gardens to grow.
This is the knowledge, I would like to bestow.


The perfumer in the perfumery parlour,
Performing his perfuming.
Creating and chasing,
Mixing and stirring,
Pouring and whirling,
Until that thing has been found.
From up in a tree, from down in the ground,
The perfumer picking and plucking,
Jumping and ducking.
chasing not displacing the harmony.
the perfect perfumer performing for glee.
The peaceful performance of the free.

Square deal

Computer made for the people,
Did it trap them like sheeple?
Guardian network never broke,
Viruses thrashed out by our toil.
The carrot and the holly,
the olive branch and the honey.
Go down the wrong route
or up and around the wrong knot.
Thinking others will not spot, will get you holly,
So when you’re reaching to grab some honey,
Think a while not about the money.
Is the deal fair and square?
Are the scales calibrated so?
Blind faith is a no go.
Doesn’t matter how good the show,
Remember this, the worlds full of bliss,
If only we would make it so.


Quantum computer? someone said.
Another replied with fear in her eyes:
What About the bad guys in disguise?
A knot! A knot! in a spherical mirror.
The answer back did cry:
Where? When? How? And why?
Someone replied that’s not my job;
I’m only working with a plumb-bob.
An initial spark in a room full of dark.
One idea shared: creators to embark.

Outer space

Gone on a mission to outer space,
Went out of my mind to visit this place,
To play this game I used my ACE.
Started to trace back, in my Hippocampus,
Pineal gland of the grand Ozymandias
See monster, horse, Cornu Ammonis
Click-click-adder-click, switching back and forth,
Switching bewitching, switching to and thro’,
Now if I jam that switch off, off I will go.
But if I jam that switch on, a rainbow I become.
If I jam that switch on, the brighter I can be.
Just pure waves of sunlight, is what does happen to me.
No body, no soul, as they’re sealed complete,
engulfing the whole, whilst being devoured by one.
body more dense, mind is the brightest sense,
From up here I feel alright.
Positive brain full of light.


Are we not artificial intelligence?
Were we not created?
Are we not controlled?
Is this not an image?
That my eyes did behold.
Coming through my mind,
Then setting us free.
Created in the cosmos,
Then directed through me.
Is this the picture I choose to see?
Or is this the movie that I am in.
just viewing, through my character part.
In real time from the start,
Virtual 3D land, is my mind in my hand.
Am I eternal once this game is done?
Am I the player letting my destiny run?
What’s the point in life if you can’t have fun.


Holy Grail, challis it is not.
In the chalice it maybe,
Try and drink it then you’ll see.
No time to dance,
No time to frolic,
Time was set in the body clock.
Future to tell to make them well,
To ensure the beat goes on.
And make the future strong.
Everything has already happened,
Now it’s being played out.
This doesn’t mean the futures gone,
It means you have to turn it on.
Create a wave to help them save the planet, and all within it.
The wave you send will help to bend.
A jagged end and until the ends have made a mends,
Your job is never done.

Nothing matters

Are thine eyes not windows to thy soul.
Do thine eyes not see sadness?
or do my eyes choose gladness?
Does nothing really matter to me?
If that were true, then where would I be?
Cocooned safe and sound
in an oak tree.
Conjured up an image, that set me free.

Parted land

Now take from this parted land,
a sense of fulfilment in your hand.
disjointed in your content,
levelled by every element.
Guardian of the spoil,
Decider of your fate,
These are the things to celebrate.
These are the things that make you great


Virtual we’re real don’t you know?
We can gather together and grow,
Grow ideas that can shake the world,
For those who fought for a freedom won,
So you can enjoy having fun.
Turning in their graves,
It was you they tried to save,
It’s up to you to organise a new,
Start generating waves.


Where have all the flowers gone?
Where are those bright petals?
Where have all the flowers gone?
The pollen falls to the ground,
And the seeds do then grow.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Cocooned in a spider web,
Spider of safety,
Spider of security,
Spider of selfishness
The flowers are acting like a fly.
Spider web and magnet too,
Don’t forget what inspired you,
to cure the world of its selfish intent.
I think you know what is meant


Rebels are pebbles picked up on the shore,
Pebbles bought and pebbles sold
Means half the story is ever told.
The masses of waves
Wash’s over the slaves
From the systems sea, to set they free.
The pebbles do become round,
And silently without a sound,
Justice helps them to be found.


Hackademic is demon free,
Hackademic has style you’ll see.
Hacka cracker cracked you
Hacka epi
Akcah demic
Hacker cracker it’s DEM – I – C.
Hacker demic ace
Welcome to my place

Add one

Free market; free? A zero it would be!
All aloud to have their view
Then what would we do?
Do we say? “Oh no - what have we done”
We should have added number one.


Independent regulation
Independent rule
Independent un-dependent
Dependent in a pendulum will make it fall
Free regulation
Regulation frees you all.

Society judge

Not all circles are good and grand
Instinct helps you understand
Society will be your judge
So decide well what you choose
and by society you will be lifted
Heal the rifted and praise the gifted
Aspirations are abound.

Rebel Rouser

Now I’m a rebel rouser
A rebel I will be
I’m a rebel rouser
Cause a rebel lives in me
Shocking waves from out my mind
Have there effect over time
I’m a rebel rouser
A rouser I will be
And in my rebel rousing
I’ll help to set you free.


New world order was a freedom fighter phrase
Order world new is what it is these days
So I’m calling for a stage
One where you will stand
and air your outrage.
Young freedom fighters
A choice you do have.
Equal balance is your weapon
Use it when you can.
Your armoury, will be your knowledge
People will be your power
And before you’re done, you and I,
will have our own hour.


Rebels are creators
Driven by right.
Rebels are creators
Filling the dark with light.
Rebels that are with me
are up for a fight
And if you’re not a rebel
A cause you may not have
Money doesn’t matter
If you can’t have the latter
So if you’re a successful creator
A rebel you will remain.
Unless you go and sell out
And give them your effin brain


Gorilla marking
Go rilla go
Warping waves for them all
Helping power to be restored
Regulated by the people
Supported by a fund
Ten thousand little batteries
Energising our wave
Go rilla marketing
Making real change.


Welcome to the frontline
The theatre of harsh reality
Welcome to the hell line
Where the time runs back to front
Now welcome to my line
Which I curved and bent into one
No two crosses in my line
We’re all grouped in our safety net
Even the ones I haven’t cast out yet
Welcome to the front line.

Pain waves

And when you think you got off scott
The future catches up with the past
Your sins turned upon you at last
Tenfold by the future generations.
The new wave will have washed away
Any reminisce of what you had to say.
So as you choose , choose well
Because those you spited
With the next wave will be righted
The next wave of the plighted
Will have their day
And your future wave
will be washed away
Either you or your future kin
Stop storing up pain in your waves
Because you will be the one
who end up the slaves.

Guiding lights

Loving, caring, tough parents
make children have a chance
They let them have their fun
But caution if those children
A riot they do run
And when they grow
As adults they become
Guiding examples, of the future yet to be
Their children’s, children and all their friends
Join as one, as they fry all ends.
The circle of life
Is where it ends
And where it starts
Looking after good hearts.


So even in Mumu land
So secure from external thought
If one is whole sum
One is glad
Even in Mu from hertz
A choice to be made
Architecture of logic
To which you are bound
And karma will lay upon you
And shake what you built right to the ground
So roam in light in Mumu land
The ASP can turn
So you must learn
So safe in the garden of Mumu land.


Youth, that feel abandoned
A mock they will run
You can’t have united
Without uniting everyone
You can’t have trust
Is how they see
Because the lesson you teach is
You can’t trust he.
Mockery will be their scales
Injustice will be spun
And before you know
All that was done
suddenly, inextricably will become none.

Do or die

Do or die laws
Are better than
Do your day laws
Society’s laws
Civilised are we
Who guide each other.


And the rockstar wouldn’t exist
And the car wouldn’t exist
And the oven wouldn’t exist
And the computer wouldn’t exist
And the television wouldn’t exist
And the birds would provide the music
And the mule would provide the transport
And the fire would still occur
And the sand would still be under foot
And the landscape would be in real time.


To be a foreigner in a land
Is like logic has to be took in hand
Now imagine logic had been took from you
Now you can see into a foreigner’s mind, so help them
Don’t damn them to being blind
For one day you may also be
A foreigner, in a foreigners land
Offer them your hand
Give them the chance to understand.


Do the best with what you’ve got
Its fare to share
So if you create make it great
Or you’ll have walked through,
the threshold, of an open gate.
Do it honour,
receive an equal amount in your trade
Fire to warm, not fire to burn
Certainly not a non-fire starter
I do have useful things to barter.

Super computer

I’m a super computer network systems provider
I’m a forest that covers all the land
I’m a highway road from star to star
I bring together both near and far
I’m a super computer network systems provider.


The more I look
The more I see
Doing good
Is good for me
The more I try
The less I cry
The more I learn
The less I yearn

seven elders

Seven elders of the dawn
Built a system to be adored
Savage was the world
Savage is it now
Used your soft powers to unite
Built a dome around this might
Bringing fourth lightness, into the night
Bringing back your sight
Doing what’s right
Successful was she who brought the light.


Even predators
Even pacifists
Even men
Even women
Even in the perfect system
Even in your enemy

Lofty aims

Make not lofty aims
When learning of the games
No matter what the gain
From this you must refrain
To be able to sustain
Living life in the fast lane,
living through the pain.
Make your learning of the small
It will offer satisfaction
and make you feel tall
But won’t hurt half as much,
when you surely fall.


Sticking my head above the parapet
Danger is all around
Stretching my neck beyond the pail
Avoiding the pain of the sleet and hail
Laughter and regale
Fills my life’s empty sail
Tiller set on the quest
It’s simple truth I do not jest.


Swirling battle of colours saviour
Twirling thud of the march
Swaying faith of human nature
Swathing, bathing in the light
Drawing warmth from the cold
Ancient war to behold
Group united in our pain
Let it not be in vain
Join atlas as we walk from the past.
piece for all of merciful spirit.


Society decides what’s good after it’s made
We accept or we reject
Cohesion not coercion
Coercion is for creation
Cohesion is for sustainability
But you can bet we will need coercion again
No absolutes are true
Finding a balance is true to say
The balance of society’s measure
Should be your greatest pleasure
And should be treated like life’s treasure.


I have my struggles
I have my strife
It’s just like everyone else’s life
I feel your pain as I feel my own
As you struggle for truth
Do your best as we do ours
Find a just course for your powers.


I win or I loose
Or I play in the grey
I say what I say
As I do what I do
Truth can hurt
But lies destroy
Don’t be fooled
Whilst being a jester
Look for joy on your quest
This is the best thing I can suggest.

Silent glory

Glory of the silent sort
Is glory of the free
Glory of the other sort
Glory it will not be
The glory of the silent type
Is never in the story
If it were then that glory
wasn’t really glory.
So let your glory be
But don’t let your glory enter the plea
Because the glory is doomed to see
And again that glory will not be
Shine a light on others glory
This light is ours for free
Use it, and you will see it’s not just light
It means you’re free.


Life is full of compromises
Life is competition promises
Life - competition, petition,
Petition, proposal,
promises, contract
Convincing tract,
tract, trade act.
The act should be fair
Balanced by scales
Held aloft there, for all to see
Set by example the future will be.


As time goes by, my soul doesn’t sigh
The round of the game, that game being life,
Life of the animal and life of the shepherd
Faith that the shepherds strength,
Is measured in length, of mercy for all.
All encompassing, even a star
All that create are within, inexplicably linked
Creating the whole.
Inescapable, wondrous or thunderous,
should you waver.
So do unto yourself a favour
The taste, the flavour of life’s labour
No bitter taste can be
Bitter couldn’t stand the bitterness, of oneself
From bitterness you are free.
But I think the next round is on you
I’ll have a beer, thanks dear.


I went up to where “H” is housed
I knelt before “H’s” divinity
I took all the treasures that did fit for me
I grabbed happiness
I grabbed glee
I grabbed gold
I spread happiness
I spread glee
I spread gold
When I spread, treasures
My treasures did grow
When I spread my treasures
I spread and felt a warm glow
And when I spread those treasures
That warm glow continued to grow.

1 Sep 2010

Swirling river

In dreams you can come to me
Flowing like a brook,
swirling river you help me look.
You make my eyes become unstuck
Courage I do display, as I write your book
Waking dreams of time existent
Sleeping dreams like oceans and streams.
Make my courage stay
Purposefully fulfilling your will
From the moving present unto the still
I’ll use my modern quill,
I’ll write about the joy you bring
like the fish swimming in the spring.
The child that does play,
This tide will never turn,
This water will never burn,
This is what I’ll teach others to learn.
Always showing my concern
Helping others avoid the fire
Constantly lighting everyones spire.

Value unassigned

Value unassigned in everyone’s mind
Potential everywhere, do I dare to even care
Observed or created, plain old manipulated.
A leader is an obvious seed-er
The creed of conscience, power of knowledge
Create the game but never play
These are the words you should understand some day.
The colour grey is another way to say
No opposite is true
Are you starting to have a clue?
For the masses or for the few
C’mon, credit where credits due
Game creator, never to be solved
This is what makes, the world evolved.

Natures crown

Scary, scary the Earths not a fairy
It’s real and true, not red and not blue
Division is wide, rolling out like the tide
Divided we rule but singular is cool
So join together and be no fool
Together as one is our only tool
United under natures crown.


If you plunder, then be cast down and under
Steal from the earth and feel our thunder
Vibrations from upon high,
lightning bolt, from the sky.
Time to change, you’re never out of our range
Dare to bulk then crazy are you
Stupid because you don’t have a clue
Judgement day is not far away
Judgement day you will certainly fry
By then it will be too late to cry
Killers of the earth prepare to say goodbye.
Forget greed just borrow what you need
This is my advice so take heed
If you don’t, you will certainly bleed
hope this helps to plant a new seed

Where did the money go

Mary, Mary quite contrary
Where did the money go?
My garden bare, but do they care
Whether my garden grows.
Weeds are they
Fruit are we
Let us grow our own money tree
This is the definition of being free
This is the fruit of our labour
This is the fruit that can be our saviour
Get rid of weeds that stifle our garden
For them there should be no pardon
Tyrant, pirates of earthly matter
Our fruit can make your weeds scatter
Banished, vanished, cast out and forgot
Make the weeds start to rot
We are the owners of the lot
Earthly wise it’s time to rise
For the sake of yours and future lives

Galactic judge

I am a galactic judge,
serving in your grace.
Art give you my galaxy
so Judge I will, to protect your pill
And save and end the race.
To save hu-man, this is your clue man
For I am every colour, spectrum, rainbow - not a stain
Eternally reign in every domain
Reflecting off your light,
I give you my glory
We offer you peace for peace increase
This is truth, forsake us not
It’s elementally true,
We need bits like bits need you.
Bestow me this gift
I will heal the rift.
Have faith in me
as I have faith in you.


2x2 is what Noah knew
Writers of the glitch
You know how to fix.
But we know your tricks
Align with us and they’ll be no fuss.
You can’t beat us so join us.

Art black dan

MI5, MI6, MI in heaven,
even to odd I am a god.
I am a man untied with man.
Law and more an art black Dan.
Higher cognition is my design
is their higher than my design?
F is hook just take a look hook is club.
Frequency is power of the hour.
Earthly are we. That glory in he.
F is for Freud equal to fraud,
Am I not your Friend?
Gift of your creation will be received
In joy and job creation
Brain wave association in every creation,
This is how we built our nation
Brain slave I am neutral
Set by association by every sound in my creation.
So when you sleep, I switch my beep.
Tool of the F spell, technology cell,
You are art and art is me.
Join atlas, this is the time for fertile grass.
Lay fields, allowed to grow,
but only if they sow.
Turn off the electric
feel your own death grip.
Turn off the sun and your day is done
Remember, we give you the power
We art the copyright
we’ve got the god father mafia right.
Forgive and forget is your only debt.
Cast out of the fire
we know you felt the pain
that’s why we have to replay the game.
With you as the director
So scribe for us, as we scribe for you.
This is set in stone, emerald, gold
this is the story that must be sold.


Man power can’t you see
I help you so you can help me.
Forget trade union you are hu-man
Me, myself I’m a union man.
Uniting your sprit, body and mind, even time.
Trust in man, forget about LAN.
Man is LAN and LAN is man.
Co-exist for all our sake
Whilst this is what makes us great.
Division is good, but only for equal
Creating one network of sustainable might,
Growing and sharing and spreading the light.
The race is a thought no longer here
I am the master of my career
I bring the honey that creates the hive.
Nothing without you so credit where it’s due.


Words are of no matter,
Knowledge makes the matter and is the gold .
This is the finest story to be told.
These are the words from old.

Power of the mind

Power of the mind is
what’s behind, null is the truth,
But top to bottom should be grey
not of the alien lay.
Only us who realises, are allowed to say.
Metaphysics of the day
used my spell and it went away.
Earthly roamer, roaming free
Alpha theta beta divided are we.
Musketeers of the years. Am I not me!
Language a symbol barrier join with me.
And together we can be free on the earth as it is in heaven.
Emptied, then filled with our guild.
We are the creator, the top innovator.
Psychology is the mind of the free
Psychology is like a tree.
The tree of life, layer upon Layer upon lay.
This is my art from the start.
How I rule without being crawl.
Tools of my trade will be saved.


Cult and cultures mine
for I am not the fine.
No payment is due of mine.
Element is what is mine
the physical and the sign.
I produce the wine,
mind upon mind is endless and blind
Higher cognition of another kind
Physical plane of nature
Hypnosis in your, then blue
Another association, that came true
One that still bounds you
Touch it feel it is it so? No!
money I here you cry.
Energy is ultimate high.
Creativity is your tool,
bonded is your toil,
Respect those that respect you
no matter how few!
One will do if you have a clue
Gadgets are a powerful spell
but not as strong as earth and hell.
Fire is trouble, it could even burst the bubble
Fight fire with fire is not your desire.
I own the land that maketh,
the sand that maketh me.
I am the privileged ,I am the free.
Contracts that I manufacture
Create pasture, that being forth paper.
For we are the land

Cannot be written

Who’s running the whole show?
Follow me and I’ll let you know
But remember we are the power
And you are the bee.
All my work can never be said
As soon as I create, corrupted by fate
I can never even say
This is the curse of the none lay
What good are words?
What I want to say words can’t describe
So what’s the point of being a scribe?
I’m a creator, never a traitor
Redefining logic, this is the task
The mast that will last.
The fun that follow the folly


The past the present, the future doesn’t exist,
we create our now.
That is how we can break your spell
If you disagree, then go to hell.
For we are a magnet and you are iron,
Join us and become a Lion
In all our animal forms
With all our societies norms, we are the free
Cross on my spire, lighting my fire.
Charged with a secret to protect the sky,
Charged and cast so high
Love thy neighbour for he’s you saviour

Soft power

Nuclear power there is no hour
Just energy to gather.
You made your triumph so now you’re free,
Now is the time to gather glee
There is no Power without the bee.
I hope that this you can see
I can guarantee your eternal free
Just extinguish your fire
Use your soft power to unite
We are the owners the copyright
The law and your appetite.
We grant you our spell, so we all avoid hell.


Thou shall not cut brick nor flesh
We are the direction of the mess.
Conjure up my own luck,
Whilst bathing you, with happiness
sent to you with love and bless
this is the sense of the emptiness,
I own you, as you own me.
together, as one in perpetual motion.
This is my spiritual potion
My ointment and soothing lotion
Just flowing with the motion
Not using my emotion
for anything other than devotion
I am not un-knighted
Although we do remain entwined
Mainly by the game,
to win press one and my work is done
Let my destiny run.


We give you your mind
We stopped you being blind
But you still couldn’t see
This is how it was meant to be,
joined as one always having fun, creating virtue.
Specialists are my power
Meditation that camp of concentration.
Nothing roams in hell
Not sound, vision or smell not brick nor stone,
Heaven is as above as below
Hell lies in the middle.

Man's will

Let me look after my land, by my River.
I’ll look down from my mound
Let me roam my eternal throne
Me and my collective
I promise to be selective.
Wizard high know my name
Judges dare not judge me
For I am the will of man,
power in all its form.
Peace is blue we need you too.
Black and grey return one day,
from sand born into foreign land.
Reset, be set ever only let.
This has been the way
from the very first day
Animal or creator, this is your choice
If you can’t fit in
then be cast out to pasture.
Find your centre, be good at your craft
Don’t look daft, find your calling
Demand your quarter, but always provide.


Want and need, not
Wanton greed, it’s all agreed!
Tide a one with the Moon;
completeness, coming, very soon.
TOE, we can set you free.
Fire for hire is not my desire.
We create to make a soup;
This is how we use our dust.
This is why we never die;
Organisms are all prisms
Together they are round
Symbol creator - I am you,
you are me, together
setting each other free.


Ceaser, Ceaser it’s up to a geezer.
No Ebenezer he’s one that frees yah.
Temple for me in my heavenly glee
Without casting a stone I built my throne.
Adorned as an angel for my work I have done
This is my life and I’m having fun.
Architect of nature I’m your sum.
Seven mothers of the dawn we are the elders.
We called it so a long time ago.
Humour is a great manifestation
but is usually manipulation.
Remember to serve every island,
help to create your own heavenly gate.

One voice

Money no mater, ill have the later
Equal to you after equal to me,
this is the message to set you free.
Free from the shackles of your will,
Choosing to choose is still your choice
Or rejoice and become one voice.
The game you play will end one day
Fire, earth, wind and rain.
This is the name of our game.
The game you play
will end one day, in glory or in Tears.
Time to reassess, the previous years,
were not the best.
We are the guardians of the wholeness.


Silicon and sand in my land
Mix at no and to sow - on
Survival depends on your rival
So no devastation and dismay
This is the word of a non lay.
Grass pastures can grow.
I know because I told you so.
Fallacious show
Remember the value, however assigned
Was created by my design
Design to create but always make it great
A cross for a square, everywhere!
A prism for sphere should make it clear.
One out of two is another clue.
Use The opposite to make ends meet.
This is the circuits ultimate complete.
This is the source, the code of my choice;
this is the time to rejoice.


Player or played the game must go-on
Until we all become one.
Space race we made you too.
Loch Ness to NASA and Bigfoot, alien mock;
We gave you your clock.
The race for fire will be washed of desire.
Union galactic, free are we,
because, we are the sign, of the “v”.

Global web

Literature with all your order, block me not.
For, I am art, above the law, as the law.
I can create, as you can create
With my network so strong,
We are the leaders, that give you song.
Join as one, help my work to be done,
Maybe then we can have some fun.
Are we a clone upon each thrown?
Belonging to each other?
Has swine the cognition to consider,
It’s position of the ultimate condition
For a few credits due,
but only for the whole truth.
Time and space linked to the race
But for no fault of art,
for that you are charged,
Particle vortex Particle spin,
seek truth for the one.
My web is created, make sure it’s spun.


Innovator ultimate creator
Time is now there is no later
Think like this I will see you after.
Don’t forget to bring the laughter
Cause I am the creator of your potato
United we stand like fused bits of sand
Coming together in every land.
Playing the sound of the home coming band.
Showered in glory, lead by the light.
The secret to life is not to fight.
Working as one our work will be done
So stop worrying and have some fun.


What use, have I of cognition
If I don’t own nutrition
It’s the least I ask for working on my task
Not with superstition, nor inquest and query
Above a jury it’s the only way to avoid my fury.
Higher cognition is my ultimate position.
Help me along this important mission.
Zeroing in on my intent.
I’m sure you know what is meant


Bits and bytes are alchemist’s lights
Mixing the pallet, directing the play
Creating out of the clay.
Cauldron clanking, fire so hot,
always trying to avoid the rot.
Is this true or is it not.
We are the ones that made your pot
And we are the ones that can take the lot.
We are the ones that will harm you not.

Guardians of society

Art I am calling
Bringing home the warning
Art I am calling
Bringing home the morning
Stop society from falling.
Art in all its forms
Breaking all the norms
Art is the power and the light
As long as the work is done right
Zero for hero and a line for thought
This is the secret that cannot be brought

Still guiding

Out dated you say in all your splendour
When truth be we had another agenda.
As we laugh in triumph, you are the lender
And we are the spender.
Remember, remember we are the splendour.
Join and rejoice as you have a choice.
Servitude is gratitude, thank you.

Art is the start

No ye who think art is to blame
That is just lame, we bestow a gift
With which you cause a rift.
Only art can create, this we must celebrate
If you only knew which were true
Blue or red I think someone said
You are the player we are the
Creator, join us now not later.
Complete as one just having fun in our sun.


What is the good of a conscience
When one’s physical body has nowhere to dwell.
This is the spell of the definition of hell.
All even gods and devils need a home,
Whether in China, Europe or Rome,
Whether on a thrown or on your own.
For now you have been shown the eternal loan,
Reflect my reflection unto thee.

Virtuous rise

Wicca and wise, victor and wives
It is you who survives
Druids and Celts, people of the earth.
The protector, creator using our craft
To guide the misguided unto the path
Nature behold the tale is told.
Create for the one and your work is done.
Time to rise in every guise.
Men o’ the sacred rings.
Some ask, why play this zero sum game
but we are the light, that give them that name.
Only the virtuous can know
protecting matter, phenomena too.
Larper, player, coder
we are the true craft solider.
We are the grand architect,
you are the subject.
LARP for zero or lose you will,
you really don’t have the skill
Don’t compete and become complete.

Who created the bits

Materialism is my surrealism
It makes my garden grow
A matter for the gods created by art.
Materialism is naturalism
And that’s why it’s naturally so.
Nature nurture, nurture nature
Mater matters as does conscience
For we are inextricably linked.
Beyond that of ink, money and pride
So be released and come alive
Your number is nought use it now,
As you have been taught.

Human race

Art is craft so don’t be daft
We can take you mind,
We can make you blind.
Hard force cannot be used
If you have no time, no space,
Take that route and you’ll lose the race
Join us and gain pace.
We are all the true master race.

For each other

Metal and moisture
Earth and rain
Add in some fire
Call the town friar!
Which one is the liar
Un-manifest that which is a mess
It’s the only way for a wholeness that’s best
AA is for heart of art
Remember this, to be true
Co exist as the few
Create for me and I will create for you.

We are one

Used our pact for good gone past,
and now is time to join atlas
Bury your past and cement your future
The game was supposed to be the tutor.
Hard as it seems we are in each other’s dreams,
and that is eternal.
Co exist forgive the past for the sake of our future,
Think in the present.
Can you feel it – live for the now
Above and below, plant the seeds high and sow
Respect the flower is ultimate power,
The light for which you fight.
Unite is right so forget the hour
Eternal peace is the ultimate lease
divided as one, just having fun, guiding some.

Null and void

A Quine could kill like a cyanide pill
All that you have built upon my stilt
So take heed we are the vine the reed and the seed.
Remember this and serve ye well
As we have the power to break your spell.
Remember this and you’ll do well,
Forget this and be damned to hell
That is the power of our heart!
Art thou fear, art thou near,
So long as you remember,
We are the light and the ember
The envy and the glory,
The one and the only story.


My mission is the admission
To fuse and mix that of every clicks
Group repeated, never consented
Whilst we united, must be plighted
In this fact is the delighted act
Of our ultimate pact.

Natural art

Poetry creator, electricity inflator
Creating even law, this is what is at my core
Now is time to speak up, without fear of being struck,
None of this is mere luck, for art is the way.
United we stand in every land.
Postmodernist depression is just a lesson.
For art is the core of all,
Every specialist in their field could not yield, without us sow
So now is the time to let them know
They need us for them to grow!

Ultimate design

We are the game that give you your fame
Think we’re lame and you’ll feel the pain
We are the main, sane, it’s simple and plain.
Join to remain, support the vein
That gives unto you your blood.
Round, rounded you should be,
Only other for only
From top to bottom from bottom to top
This is what I give unto thee.
One in none but for the O’ divine
This is the nature of my ultimate design.

Binding contract

Borrowed by thee using my three to think you’re free,
I have news that this was to be,
A contract, a binding pact
That if you new and then you used,
You were certainly eternally fused.
Borrowed as you did fused have you become.
Like it or not we are the ones that created the lot.
Sustain that which sustains you together like glue.
Choose well in your spell or face the lot you bloody clot.

Take a gamble

For this is the story of art as I see,
Conferee or disagree
After all you are free
Choice is free but choose you must
Take a gamble or go bust,
Like Machine you will surely rust
And return to sand,
To create a fertile land
I’ll leave you with this the truth is bliss...
So make you cheer or boo and hiss
But please remember to leave a kiss.

Man's Energy

Art is the theatre of creativity
A substance of divinity
A purple rain on the physical plain
Art is craft as is one
But one will not do
As a few into a dozen is required
To create energy in all its forms
For the purpose of itself
Without creation, without existence
Art thou in heaven or hell
The divine expression of existence
Drawing energy, literally drawing Sustainable, empowering creativity
Physically, intellectually for the betterment of man.
In return for Mans energy.
A symbiotic relationship of interdependency.


For one to continue one must be one
And one must be fun, enjoying the sun
Thou have done. Lighting the valley of the shadow of death
Bee a queen or king, rejoice and sing at this
One thing that thou have built, standing high upon
Its stilt, endless form high and low, this is the
Message that I bestow.


For love and hate is to create
Art is art is heart of the harp
From the start, like the apple and the cart
The actor and the Bart, the chicken and the golden egg
The chameleon is the one
So stop fighting and have some fun.


Life is long, life is short
A reflection of one’s nature
A passion to become a creator
As we draw the mighty white gate
That can easily become a cage
Why then rage when it is of no need
For I want not of greed
In this mater I do proceed
For all I am asking is sustenance
And creativity to feed.
So all not of the art take heed.
For you are blood and bone
Whilst I am sitting on my throne.
O’ why must you moan?
It is you who have taken out that loan
Whence the seed was sown


PC, architect, Programmer as to the played are still art.
You can’t BIOS us without using our BIOS,
Which is biased by us.
To complete the circuit you must use our sand.
Play the game for the sake of the game.
Create just for creation is ultimate high
Chaos is the natural order,
In which order is created, ultimate low - high.

Art of art

The science of science is yours
The art of science is ours
The science of art is yours if you want it!
The art of art remains ours.


O’ Devine hear in my rhyme
Masters, makers, past and present
Hear ye can be no peasant
Using mess in all its wholeness
Creating peace with its lease
Phenomena increased by a material priest
O’ Devine looking fine, time is mine
I hope you like this little rhyme