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29 Oct 2012

Thoth Furniture-medium Art

What to do with a nasty old table that someone is throwing out? Eureka! I see an image...

Behold! The God of Wisdom.

The snake is carved out of a white birch branch (solid, hard wood!), using only a Stanley blade. I found the branch when I took my partner to the woods for a picnic. I had to saw it, spin it around and joint it using wooden pegs hewn  from the same branch. The curves of the snake hood were the most tricky and took a very long time, they are paper thin! 

The sun and moon crown is recycled from an old wooden tea box lid, shaped to suit my requirements. The ankh cross is platinum with 18 Ct golden balls  beads from a broken bracelet. The green is real crushed emeralds, ethically sourced (I couldn't get Egyptian emeralds because the mines closed awhile a go!). The emeralds stunk of sulphur as the crystals gave way under the pressure of my vice -  a molecule floats up carrying toward head height, tainted by this millions of years old relic, trapped in the plush surroundings, of that precious stone, cocooned for what might have been an eternity, twinned at birth, never to parted, but for the hand of man in his solemn act of creation. This earthly scent so foul, hidden within the beauty of that sparkling green stone - it is the story told bare straight from mother nature herself. But who am I to quibble, as the drivel is surely clear and the emperor has no hair, so the least we can do is put on a brew and be civil, without a care? A riddle for a riddle is only fair.

 The diamonds on the Baboon and the snake, (which are not showing up well with my camera) are flawless vvs blah, blah. The body of the Baboon is sprayed in antique gold, as are the leg bumps (I know that's not their correct name! Feel free to enlighten me.) of the table. The face of the Baboon is 24kt gold leaf. At the base of the moon crown there is a 9 Ct ring with tiny diamonds in, very hard to see in these photographs.

Still need to finish the scales, a long process indeed. The scales are made from oak bark, stripped from an oak butt that now has a vice attached to it, whilst I wait a few years for it to dry out before carving it. So, after chiseling the bark free, I allowed it to dry for several months and then sliced any excess wood down leaving only thin layers of bark in tact. I now have a bag of oak tanning, which I will use to stain wood. I then sprayed the pieces of bark and painted them luminous green on the back sides, I also used the same luminous colour mixture in the glue that bonds the crushed emeralds (60 Cts in total), it creates a nice effect when under blue hued light and even better under black-light (UV).

This snake is sprayed in high gloss and is difficult to photograph the detail... but we persevere non-the-less. 

Whoops, cheeky monkey!

This part is still to be completed, the distinctive king cobra marking will be filled with more crushed emerald.

The top of the table is sprayed with a Manhattan stone finish to give it that contemporary look. There is a visual story here folks, it's the classics I think but as the illiterate one, I wouldn't know anything about such worldly things, read the story be amazed... or don't and er... don't.

It's not a table, you can't use it! It's just a medium that I used to create art with.


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