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22 Jan 2011

Come And Go.

Go and stand in a wood all alone, then it becomes easier to hear how pathetically irrelevant, an ego truly is.

Go without a proper meal for a week, then your materialistic yearnings, may just erode the veneer, that protects you from truth.

Go into a dying child's room and watch the tears, the fears and the pain, then your Calais heart might wake again.

Go amongst the lepers, the homeless, the tortured and abused and your lack of empathy may be, by light; refused.

Go and step outside of that bubble, that soft cosy cocoon, that comfy laurel for your backside, commence forth with Truth.

Come and find the joy, but also seek out the pain, for if we can not see, then we are blinded and the pain may grow and grow.

Come to a place of even ground, take on board every sight and sound, but don't let it get you down, let it inspire you, move you.

Come and appreciate what you have, no matter how little, don't stop striving, but realise life is now, not yesterday, nor tomorrow.

Come to me, come to me now and I will come to you, but not in guile or superficial niceties, I mean really come to me.

Come out of a wood and stand with the people, then it becomes easier to imagine, a world of peace where tyranny ceased with egos released.

Come and Go, my gentle child, face the headlights, create your own insights. Come and go for freedom, born a brighter day.


this is a great call to action and one that is inviting into community..i like that...nice one shot. perhaps there is hope...
l like to hear your passion, Gwylym. Keep it up, brother.

An amazing few of life stripped down. We take to much for granted now; if only we saw what we hold in our hands, thanks for reminding Gwylym x
yes - sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and let us open our eyes which become blind for what happens in the world when we only look at our own image in the mirror. liked your poem
Life-wise work. Superb.
Thanks for your support and kind comments :)
What you say is so important to me...


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